13 thoughts on “MCM: Lord Byron

  1. Besides his poetry, there’s thing about this manchild was his daughter, Ada Lovelace. But I wish they’d get him right in films. Maybe a new mini series for BBC. Best the 1,000,000,000,000 remake of (fill in book of your choice)

  2. A rather fabulous Lord Byron (Guy Lancaster) complete with a chorus of fainting Regency fangirls appears at a party in which Coleridge and Wordsworth have a barney in Pandaemonium (2000). Alas cannot seem to easily find a screenshot but I remember him being rather dishy, with a gold earring and a great waistcoat….

  3. I had to comment just to squee over the Voyager episode included on this list! My two great loves, Star Trek and historical fashion, together in one place at last!!!

  4. I wanna see Mary Shelley. I wonder if/when it’s going to a wide release stateside? :P

    There was a MENTION of Byron in Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which amused me.

  5. Lord B is buried in the parish church where many of my family were married and Christened (including me); our school carol services were held there and I was one of the church bell ringers for a while. I also had my wedding reception at Newstead Abbey.

  6. Against all my better judgement, I love him. I also contend that if he were writing today, he’d be churning out Giant Fantasy Novel Bricks – have a look at “Darkness” sometime!

    As for “mad, bad, and dangerous to know”, my take is, how would YOU like it if your ex made an unflattering internet meme about you, and people still remembered it TWO HUNDRED YEARS LATER?

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