3 thoughts on “TBT: Gothic

  1. Followed the link from the MCM for Julian Sands and this sounds so terrible I almost want to see it now.
    Heidi L.

  2. I hate this movie…found it unwatchable…sorry :(
    Especially could not near the actor playing Claire…totally obnoxious, thought she was a Valley Girl, eighties hair included. And a vacant face, beyond the possible blankess required for the film. I found all of the cast unbearable. Made it maybe half way…darn it, had hoped I could at least enjoy the campiness.

  3. I’m really fascinated by this piece of history and these people, but this movie rubbed me totally the wrong way. Miscarriages, gays committing suicide, a dominant man just groping his way through the female cast… It was all so gross and in your face, it left me feeling really uncomfortable and sick. Also, why is the only corset in this whole movie worn by a man and did Byron invent electric light to play pool or what?

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