8 thoughts on “5 Things About Harlots S2

  1. I’m still getting through it. I want to make it last. I’m a big Liv Tyler fan and Lady Fitz is a welcome addition.

    I’m waiting for Quigley’s son to grow up, stop thinking with his ‘smiley friend’, and to kick Emily to the curb. Also Lydia getting her just desserts .

    Can Lady Fitz’s brother be any more creepy and a practitioner of incest too?

  2. I feel like i’m the only one, but I found the second season unwatchable because the writing was just bad and some of the acting seemed weak. The dialogue was too on the nose instead of a more “show not tell” approach. The bit where Amelia starts yelling during court was ridiculous.

    Costumes looked good though.

  3. Was anyone else distracted by Margaret Wells’ bosom? There were multiple scenes where it looked like the bodice was just cutting in to poor Samatha Morton. I think I re-adjusted how my own (modern) undergarments fit in sympathy several times.

    Also, wig-lines: could it be a commentary on the character wearing it being fake? Charlotte only wears an obvious wig-line when sucking up/dressing like Quigley and we know Quigley is hiding, well, everything. Also, all of the wig-lines appear on the higher status white wigs, could people still think that those were meant to appear fake?

  4. Violet’s maid outfit really irked me (plus I thought she was rather sidelined this season). I get that perhaps they were trying to visually communicate that she’s chafing against being an unpaid servant (cough slave cough), but the costume itself was really bizarre. If I remember correctly it had both a back and front closure, and I can’t imagine that a servant in a justice’s residence would get away with not wearing a fichu, and with her hair undone and practically about to burst open her cap.

    On another note, I only realized a couple days ago that Justice Hunt is played by the same actor who played Comte de Provence in Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette’
    (I thought he looked familiar…!)

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