11 thoughts on “What the Frock Wednesday – Harlots Edition

    1. I actually think the fit is really good everywhere BUT the weird-ass pleated front. That’s what threw me so hard — everything looks great about the dress, but that fan-pleated bodice is wrong for the period AND makes the dress fit weird in the front.

  1. Besides being seventy some odd years in the future, the dress is pretty – for a Victorian. I like the iridescent (shot) silk and back view with the ribbon looking like it was pinked and then scalloped.
    What I wonder is when will Harlots and The Collection make it to DVD? Or PBS so I can watch both.

  2. This looks very weird.
    A pity, since the back is very pretty, as you said.
    And is it me or that corset is below breasts, the boobs smooched in by unyielding taffetas? I can’t seems to make sense of what’s going on here.

  3. I personally hate peach or skin-colored fabric paired with bright colors like aqua green, red, or coral. It looks horrible, like someone forgot to color in that part of the picture and sort of left the wearer semi-naked. The buttons in front look ugly too, and just enhance the terrible choice of pleating the front of the bodice. It’s like she let out her seams when pregnant and then did a hasty job of putting the waistline back in after the baby was born and she got her slender stomach back. And you’re right, it’s really NOT 18th century style at all. Whoever designed this dress should be hung with it.

  4. Did anyone else look at the front of this dress and think crumbcatcher neckline set a little too low? Maybe I’ve been watching too much Say Yes to the Dress.

  5. Yay! I saw the first image, and immediately thought, “What is a Victorian bodice doing in an 18th century drama?” Then I read the text. Clearly all of those hours spent reading Flock Flicks posts have had an effect – it’s a valuable educational service you’re providing!

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