7 thoughts on “Binge-Watching The Crown (2016-)

  1. At first I thought I the gown the rather insipid ballgown is attempting to reference is the iconic Christian Dior gown she wore in her 21st birthday official portrait, but looking at it more, I think it is supposed to be the one she wore for her 19th birthday portrait.

    21st: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/fashion/fashion-news/a26084601/princess-margaret-birthday-portrait-gown-dior-exhibition/

    19th: https://www.npg.org.uk/collections/search/portrait/mw07651

  2. My favourites are her wedding dress from season 2 and the strapless pocket gown. You can’t go wrong with pockets. And the wedding dress was a very close facsimile

  3. It feels like ages since I watched seasons one and two. I can’t think of any particular costumes for Margaret because they ALL looked gorgeous to me. The show has amazing production values on all levels.

  4. I binge each season as it comes out… and I have re-watched it several times. Gorgeous outfits on Margaret — who is truly the only fashion icon until Diana’s later years. The queen always dresses so conservatively. I hated the change in actresses at first but now I’ve gotten used to it — although Vanessa Kirby is 5 inches taller than Helena Bonham-Carter, and that amuses me. Princess Margaret shrunk in-between seasons.

  5. Oh, that smoky pink cocktail dress! (Although I think it actually appears at a wedding–but it was definitely a sexy cocktail dress.) Kirby would also make a good Amy Winehouse.

  6. In the series, the picture where she is wearing te fluffy white gown is worn during a photo shoot by Cecil Beaton and the point was to show her as overly fairytail-y, hence the ridicule of the dress! she is mocking it in the show

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