38 thoughts on “MCM: Biiiiig Regency Collars

  1. But what I really love in some of the earlier versions are those padded shoulders! Yeah. Right. The thing about Brummel was “quiet good taste.” He preferred simple and well executed to fancy and over-adorned.

  2. A friend once described Colin Firth as “the thinking woman’s crumpet.” Yes, please.

  3. If you need more Ioan Gruffudd high collar action (and who doesn’t, really?) there’s always the Hornblower series. Those made me feel feelings.

  4. Mmmm. A post that starts with David Rintoul’s Mr. Darcy and Anthony Andrews’ Sir Percy Then Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth — be still my heart. As Marliese suggested, Ioan Gryffudd as Horatio Hornblower is also worthy of this company.

  5. I think if James Purefoy had ever played Mr. Darcy the universe would have just exploded from the sheer sexiness of it all.

  6. Looking at all those high collars, I can’t help but wonder if it’s even possible to slouch in one. Good posture does improve appearance.

    1. My other half assures you that no, it’s not possible to slouch. But it’s not only the collars: it’s the cut of the coat, with the armscye right high up into the armpit.

      In a properly cut Regency coat, if you stand and move as a gentleman should the thing can be absolutely skin tight (both of my beloved’s red coats are so tight that after fighting a battle on a hot day he can’t actually get his coat off till he has cooled down and the coat dried off a bit) and still it is not only comfortable, but you can execute the entire range of sword moves without it restricting you at all.

      If on the other hand you insist on standing like a chimpanzee, the coat will be crucifyingly uncomfortable.

  7. Oh my paws and whiskers! It really IS something isn’t it! I was going to suggest that Alan Rickman should be in this but checked him out in S&S and really, he is at his best with his shirt undone so I forgive you lolz.
    SO MANY HOTTIES. Maybe it’s because they would have to look you in the eye not randomly gaze at something to the left, or the idea that any man would willingly wear something uncomfortable for fashion that levels the playing field of empathy. Intriguing!

  8. Mmm, so many of my darlings here. It makes me especially happy to see Rufus Sewell represented here in full romantic glory, because it feels like the world has forgotten the perfection of his Will Ladislaw since he’s been cast in so many villainous roles.

  9. I’m still drooling since I saw this waiting for my supervisor to arrive at work and open up. I’m going to take a leaf from Catherine II and choose them all to shag (excluding JRM).

  10. This is pretty much what I needed today. Who knew high collars make men hot? Oh wait I did! Throw in proper period sideburns and rowr!

  11. These are some very handsome fellows. Bring back regency collars! Actually quite a bit of good menswear in this period.

    Also, I’ve seen Amazing Grace a few times. My prof spotted rubber on the shoes but otherwise lots of delightful to look at people (which is a weird thing to say about a movie with such a serious topic!).

  12. Wonderful post! You’ve made a lot of us happy with so many of our favourites all in the one post! I don’t know if that’s ever happened before… :)

  13. Better them than me! I can’t stand lots fabric or anything around my neck. Northam and Armitage are delicious. Well, ok, most of this list is full of yummy treats. sighs

  14. Oh, gosh, I see what you mean about Them Collars. But Hugh Laurie in S&S? No, his one real failure. On the other hand, “Because, Rufus Sewell.”–yes; Richard Armitage as well.

  15. Push dat collar HIGHERRRR! Yes. It is… a Thing.

    Definitely if it’s a snooty, fey piece of Fair Folk:



    Be he ever so clueless about relationships, still sir Walter Pole is dapper in his outfits:

    Self-assured Jonathan Strange is really… well, I mean… oh my. My kind of magician:

    And, possibly, the smartest of them all in that series – Stephen Black

    Alas, too few good photos were found of ruggedly handsome Childermass, but… I think no one will miss it, since the post above is filled with goodies to last for a while.

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