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  1. He was also in the most recent adaption (early aughts) of Love in a Cold Climate. He was also a fabulous Henry Higgins on stage in My Fair Lady about 10 years ago. I also had the pleasure of shaking his hand once at a benefit for the Royal Court theatre when I was studying abroad In London although I cringed when my roommate told him that she loved him when he guest-starred on The Love Boat.

  2. A local PBS station recently aired “The Syndicate” (a contemporary/non-frock flick). I spent half the first episode trying to figure out who he was. I finally broke down and IMDBed it. It had been so long since I have seen him in anything! I did see “the King’s Speech” but I never recognized him.

  3. Besides Sir Percy and Sebastian, l really enjoyed him as Silverbridge and his character in Love in a Cold Climate.

  4. A find actor, (though I don’t like the shade of his politics). He had numerous minor roles in so many great dramas in his younger days. I recently saw him in Wings, a BBC series about the Royal Flying Corps playing an officer of course, which would have been before Brideshead made him famous. Funny that in Pallisers his best friend is played by Jeremy Irons who has a relationship with his sister and they both visit Venice.
    I am currently re watching Pallisers, the costumes the costumes,, but am only on episode three and Silverbridge is not even born yet. Many years, and episodes to go and so many costumes.

  5. He was also in a episode of Duchess of Duke St. i remember him in the BBC Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. He was also in the production Much Ado about Nothing in the same series which was never screened for reasons unknown.

  6. He traumatized my friend and I when he played Murdstone! We agreed it was simply wrong for such a lovely man / fine actor to play one of the most hated villains in Dickens. :P

  7. We adore the 1981 Brideshead Revisited. It is the book. We named our daughter Cordelia, after the youngest Flyte sister.

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