17 thoughts on “MCM: James Purefoy, Redux

  1. I just finished watching Sex Education on Netflix and James has a brief part in it — and he’s quite yummy. Not a Frock Flick but the costuming in Sex Education is interesting because it has costuming elements from multiple decades (1970’s until now) which gives the series an unusual feel.

    But thanks for the redux — it’s most appreciated. 😍

    1. Is that any good? All the comments I’ve seen have been saying it looks and sounds like an American school where for some reason everyone has English accents, which put me off as it sounds irritating.

      1. I throughly enjoyed the series!

        Overall, I think they blended fashion and cultural mores (American and British) in order to create a universality that isn’t anchored in any one place or time. It allows you to address other issues that might get trapped if they have a date/time and place stamp. The series is definitely in your face regarding sex and sexuality but it has a diverse cast that includes queer and people of colour (one of the leads is a queer black young man). The acting is top notch — including all the newcomers to acting. It’s beautiful, sensitive, and funny. And exquisitely human. I recommend it.

    1. Vanity Fair is one of my favourite films. It’s lush and sexy and James fits right in….

  2. Sexy, sexy man who has got even more lust-worthy as he’s aged. My favourite of his is Rome. Will have to look for Urban Myths, it’s passed me by.

  3. ha! thomas de mowbray is my 20th great grandfather, and while i know at that point its more of a tangential blood relation than anything, i’d def be okay if he looked anything like purefoy

  4. I well remember my reaction to Prince Edward in ‘A Knight’s Tale’; where has this gorgeous man been all my life?!

  5. I still feel sad that no-one ever got him to play Flashman (of the George MacDonald Fraser books). It would have been such perfect casting.

  6. There is something about him that is simply, hmmmmm…

    I also liked him in the pseudo frock flick, Solomon Kane.

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