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  1. Pretty I guess, but not my style. There’s a Robert Pattisoness to his face that is putting me off, since I was Twilight traumatized by a niece (All of them! I had to watch ALL of them! cries)

    1. I feel for you… although when I watched the first one I pretty much turned into a box of giggles over vampire baseball… Oh, you’re just so strong you can’t play baseball except during thunderstorms or your neighbors will hear your bats crack, even though you live in a rural-ish area. I mean, we all have our literary junk food but that’s just so over the top.

  2. He has a look of a young Jonny Lee Miller in quite a few of those photos. Much bigger lips though, and right now, I’m licking mine. I really am turning into a dirty old woman, my daughter is old enough to be his Mum.

  3. Trystan debates the idea that she’s allowing Kendra to write about a Motley Crue biopic, btw! Bec. then I’d have to let myself write about the Queen/Freddy Mercury biopic, & y’all see where that slippery slope is going ;)

        1. You do have standards, but Freddie Mercury transcends all fashion dates. His talent is that of Oscar Wilde and crosses eras. You will not only disappoint me 😪 if you don’t review it, but you will also disappoint Tiger, My chihuahua.

          Regarding Doug, he’s a bit too pretty and young for my taste. Besides, he reminds me of both Leo DiCaprio and Len Whiting.

      1. Agreed! Or do you feel like you are under pressure? You can’t just talk about killer queens, not when you have Mercury and that body language. I want it all, give us something to rhapsodize.

    1. Watched The Dirt for the first time this weekend, I did not know of Douglas Booth before that, but as soon as he came on the screen I thought he would have made a great Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody.

  4. When I saw the Mary Shelley pics he seemed like a good fit for that sort of character, so it makes sense he works for Bingley in P&P&Z, too. But I’m not super squared off pouty face in my tastes. I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything, but good to know he’s got a good review from you for his acting; I plan to catch Mary Shelley sometime so hopefully that will be good.

  5. You didn’t include Loving Vincent! Amazing, noir-ish film, and even though it’s technically animated (the whole film looks like Van Gogh’s paintings), Douglas’ character is animated to look just like him–as are those of Saoirse Ronan and Eleanor Tomlinson

  6. He’s very very pretty and at my advanced age I just want to cook him a roast chicken dinner and do his washing…………..sooooooo young

  7. You should do a review on Romeo and Juliet 2013.I watched it,and Juliet actually has pretty Renissance type clothing.

  8. I never found him attractive until I saw him in the Limehouse Golem. There’s something with me and feminine men in genderfluid clothing, lmao.

  9. He is quite gorgeous.
    Seeing Sam Riley next him in that P&P+Z reminds me that there’s a new show coming on cable (Foxtel in Australia), called ‘Lambs of God’- he’s in it, with my girl Essie (Davis)- I’ve only seen the one pic; Essie, with Ann Dowd & Jessica Barden, neither of whom I’ve heard of – it basically says nothing more than, ‘The arrival of a young priest at an isolated coastal convent turns the lives of three nuns upside down’. I don’t know if it’s on your radar or anything, but I thought I’d mention it, while the thought was there.

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