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  1. What I’m taking away from this is how many of these films I’ve seen without realising he was in them.

    1. My thought, too. When B.C.’s not being Holmes, he melts into a role. Good period face–whatever that is exactly–and, according to some, resembles an otter.

  2. Aaah, ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ is where I really began to appreciate him as an actor … but yeah, I’m kind of in the “alien wearing human skin” camp. But he’s an adorable alien, so whatever.

  3. He’s grown on me over the years. Although I didn’t consider him to be sexy at all until Sherlock Holmes. Now I need to go back and watch a few of these movies that I’ve seen and didn’t quite notice him in like Marple and Cambridge Spies.

  4. I first noticed him in Amazing Grace. Thought he looked weird. I still don’t think he’s the hottest thing ever, but oh, that voice! And stellar in everything he does. I really need to check out the Van Gogh one.

    One minor correction: the 2012 miniseries was “Parade’s End.” Easy typo!

  5. I think he’s lovely. And his Alan Turing made me want to hug him and drag him forward in time to a place where he could be queer and happy.

      1. If you liked him in Starter For Ten you’d probably enjoy the radio series ‘Cabin Pressure’ – he plays completely against type as a pompous airline captain who freaks out when things go wrong or the crew break the rules. Absolutely brilliantly written sitcom.

  6. I’m a reformed Cumberbitch so yeah — I’ve crushed on him. Lol

    I think he’s a good actor but his fan club is/was especially fun! (Minus the really crazed weirdos). His voice is…. yeah. Okay maybe not wholly reformed. Lol

  7. Can’t remember if I first found out about it here at Frock Flicks, but in case I didn’t, there is a SNL sketch called “Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?” that I think applies here. :’)

  8. He’s a lovely alien! And I think he’s one of those people which stills don’t do justice to. I also think he’s gonna age well, with that bone structure…

  9. I think he’s at his best looking in Amazing Grace and — not a costume drama — as Khan in Star Trek. I was seriously attracted to him as Khan. The rest of the time, he’s a bit odd-looking, but yes, his voice is to DIE FOR. He’s voicing Sher Khan in the new Jungle Book movie in the autumn. <3

  10. It’s his voice and carriage – he wears clothes really well. His face is odd, but as picasso Manu commented above, he looks better moving than in stills. He’s got charisma which is more than just a pretty face.

  11. He’s also got guts, recently reported facing down a group of muggers. As to role — Sherlock Holmes, period or modern.

  12. I’ve been a fan since he played Sir Percy’s roommate in Amazing Grace. (Baroness Orczy the creator of the Scarlet Pimpernel made Pitt the Younger Percy’s Eton roommate). But Amazing Grace is one of my favourites.
    I’m a huge fan of Mr Cumberbatch and I agree with Angarad that I wanted to immerse his Turing with the future where a man, woman didn’t have to hide their sexual orientation.
    But I’m going to have to see his Van Gogh. And re-watch the others.

  13. You do know that in Burlesque Fairytales he starred with his (now) wife, Sophie Hunter.

  14. It wasn’t until the “alien” comment that I realized he dances on the edge of the uncanny valley. Now I can’t unsee it.

  15. Very unusual bone structure. I find it striking and attractive but he does make a wonderful alien…

  16. I think he’s at his best-looking as Dr. Strange. The beard and the hairdo correct the flaws in his face. (Normally, I’m not a huge fan of facial hair, but a neat beard can look great on a guy.) Now, bring on the next stand-alone Dr. Strange movie!

  17. I’ve heard of ‘Cambridge Spies’, but never seen it- except for a still of cropped naked hot guys at a beach (including Toby Stephens & the other one that was in ‘Black Sails’ with him).

    I’ve no notion what ‘To the Ends of the Earth’ is about, but it’s 19th c by the look, & there’s a ship, so I assume something to do with exploring- it’s a shame I never heard about it.

    While his performance (like all of his performances, except in ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’, where he was entirely forgettable- lucky him) as ‘The Hollow Crown’s’ Richard III was stellar, it’s one of my least favourite Shakespeares, no matter which adaption (except MacKellan’s because- well, MacKellan, obviously!) because it feels cartoonish- & so blatantly biased (I know that’s probably a stupid complaint, but don’t @ me); even when Shakespeare was biased & factually incorrect (ie. Macbeth & Cleopatra) he was often still nuanced, & the performances & the overall feel of the plays were enveloping & transportive- I couldn’t get into that part of ‘The Hollow Crown’- like, at all.

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