16 thoughts on “Iconic Frock Flicks of the 1990s, Part 1

  1. Gotta go with my favourites from the period in no particular order: Orlando, Howard’s End & Age of Innocence.
    My favourite movie rock group is Wild Stallion. Like, Duh.

  2. Loved Dead Again!

    Funny note–when A League of Their Own came out, a small store near me put out a sign: “Madonna shopped here; you should too.” (Well, words to that effect; it’s been a long time) Apparently her costumers went to Horsefeathers in Waukegan, IL, and found some good stuff. I’ve bought stuff there, although not clothing–they went through a lot of changes in the years I lived in Waukegan, from vintage clothes to New Age to…well, I lost track. But they’re apparently still there.

    1. What really sticks with me about that movie was the wonderful score! It is by turns haunting and lush, evocative of love and passion, and thrilling and exciting. The chase up the mountain after Cora and Alice and their captors is one of the finest bits of musical composition I can think of.

      Plus, peak DDL Hotness.

  3. Who is hotter than Gary Oldman as a thousand-year-old vampire?

    Hmmmm . . . James Marsters as a 120 year-old vampire?

    A film largely known for Daniel Day-Lewis looking like he stepped off the cover of a supermarket paperback romance novel

    I believe “The Last of the Mohicans” is also known for more than that.

    1. Who is hotter than Gary Oldman as a thousand-year-old vampire?

      My answer would be: any other human who has played a thousand-year-old vampire.

  4. The House of Elliot!!!!! I forgot all about that! What a wonderful show that was. Louise Lombard was luminous and beautiful I’m surprised she didn’t break out as a bigger star.

  5. Forget DDL in Last of the Mohicans – in my eyes, Eric Schweig who played Uncas was far hotter.

  6. Slight issue though; Bill and Ted came out in 1989. It was the sequel, Bill and Teds Bogus Journey that came out in 1991.

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