16 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Emma Thompson

      1. I adore the sex montage. Only Thompson could get away with that.

        Also very fond of the Elephant! musical. Such a lovely slap at Andrew Lloyd Weber. “Somewhere up in Heaven there’s an angel with big ears.”

    1. Oh, yes! Emma is a brilliant comic; it worries me that this is not part of her popular image.

      1. I love her as an actress but she’s a brilliant comedienne. Another fave is Stranger than Fiction and in Men in Black III she had me roaring.

  1. Talented as Emma Thompson is, I felt that see was to old for the role see played in Sense & Sensibility. It jarred when I watched the film.

    1. Sure, Emma was 36 rather than the 19 Elinor is supposed to be in the beginning of S&S, but Alan Rickman was 49 rather than 35. Wonder why she jarred and he didn’t? Kate and Hugh were older than their parts, too. Emma herself has spoken extensively about the ageism and double standards of the film industry and the sharp decline in offers experienced by actors once they hit a certain age… when those actors happen to also be women. Personally, I’d rather watch wonderful actors play parts that are well suited to them than worry about age.

  2. I first fell in love with Emma when I saw her comedy series… called “thompson” in the UK, on PBS I think… its been a while (1988?) The Fortunes of War…. I just really like her. Adult, real, no mess, no muss.

  3. Love getting caught up with these old posts! I think she’s pretty wonderful, too. It was good to learn these things about her. I first saw her on stage ca. 1984 in Leicester in the UK with Robert Lindsay in a revival of Me and My Gal, before it opened in London. She had me right then and there.

    1. The old posts are always easy to get lost in. Was just remembering that my husband has had crushes on both Emma and Fiona Shaw, who are rather similar types.

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