6 thoughts on “St. Crispin’s Day – An excuse to talk about Henry V, The Princess Bride, and other randomness

  1. I know I’m nearly a year late to the party, but please podcast Henry V! Especially if you can compare costumes to Princess Bride. This librarian reminds you to check your local library for a dvd copy :)

  2. I too was born on 25 October. But I always associated it with Johann Strauss II composer of Blue Danube and other Viennese waltzes.

    I enjoyed Branagh Henry V. Emma Thompson’s English lesson scene was a favourite.

  3. I LOVE this film–it’s probably my favorite Shakespeare film, partly because it came out as I started grad school in Stratford-upon-Avon. The French look awfully groovy in this–and the French herald (my fave role) has a terrific hat that he uses to convey his character’s changing attitude toward Henry.

  4. I’m also late, but just want to say that Laurence Olivier did a splendid job of this speech. It’s less realistic, the whole film is, and more propagandistic (WWII). But I loved

  5. Just wanted to note that not only did Katherine and Buttercup have the same dressing gown, take a hard look at their coronets. They are in fact the same one, I think.

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