7 thoughts on “Orlando in the Victorian Era

  1. Fabulous posts, wonderful images, and OMG Tilda. I’ve never really rated the film, but there’s some great eye-candy. [Can I just say though, it’s ‘chock full’ not ‘chalk full’?] Lol

  2. You didn’t feel the evening gown was a bit too 1980s with the massive Princess Di wedding dress puffball sleeves (more 1830s surely?)? Plus its being in plaid taffeta made it seem even more uber-1980s, I just had visions of braying Sloanettes in Alice bands rocking those sleeves….

    I have to admit, I had forgotten what the bustle dress looked like exactly, but I remember loving how it looked in the wind, all the frills billowing, and then the aeroplane flies overhead, and that was just such a subtle “Time passes” moment I loved it.


  3. The Victorian part has some of my favourite costumes. I really want the Pre-Raf evening gown. The window pane print/embroidery of the sleeves is similar to ones I’ve seen at the Met & V&A. The bustle dress is very elegant and chic. I feel these choices showed Orlando now feels comfortable as a woman and in her skin. (if that makes sense) Somehow, this comfortability is totally missing from the Georgian dresses.
    But I also like the modern apparel she wears at end. It hardens back to the Elizabethan/Jacobean beginning.

  4. I’m thrilled you reviewed this movie! It had a huge influence on my life, in that I 1) named my black cat Shelmerdine because of Billy Zane, and 2) claimed Tilda Swinton as my spirit animal (google a picture of her now–that is how I wear my hair).

    Oh the costumes! Right. It’s not fair to have to pick a favorite, but anyone running (or seemingly levitating) in a hoopskirt would always get my vote.

  5. Hi! I love bustle period, sad there is only one costume in the film :( Can you post a better picture about the whole ensemble, to see what’s going on with the skirt? Looks very interesting! Thanks :)

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