19 thoughts on “Top 6-10 Fops in Historical Costume Movies

  1. CECIL VYSE for the win! Daniel Day-Lewis invested him with such pathos in that last scene with Lucy. He says “until this moment, I never knew myself” – and he still doesn’t, not completely – but I just want to hug him as he sits there with his sad, perfectly polished shoes.

    1. YES. Poor Cecil! Maybe he learned from the whole debacle and went on to a satisfying relationship with the woman/man of his choice?

    2. I agree! DDL was so brilliant as Cecil, and the character is so much more than just a comedic fop.

      1. My favorite Cecil moment is near the end of the movie when he’s walking back to the house, completely oblivious to all the intrigue and romance, reading that novel and giggling to himself.

  2. Will this be strictly films and no television? Because I long to see the variety of fops featured in Blackadder the Third.

  3. I laughed so hard at this post / these gifs. Fabulous.

    Is Sir Percy a fop even if most of it is just an act? Because… if so, that’s my favorite fop, right there. *cues up Anthony Andrews* “Look at that cravat! It’s stickin’ out like a PIN CUSHHIN!”

    1. Leslie Howard’s Sir Percy had better be number on on this list. Nobody did it better, even if was a huge act on Blakeney’s part.

  4. Gosh, I simply cannot choose between Cecil Vyse and Wolfie Mozart. The mad wig is definitely a Lol and I can see where Taylor Swift got her unicorn idea. Mozart as a unicorn is the ROTFLI moment of my day. Thanks.
    Also both Pimpernels should be on 1-5 or should it be 3 Pimpernels with Blackadder?

  5. I don’t know who 1 through 5 will be, but I’m voting for Victor Spinetti in “Start the Revolution without Me.” (And my favorite scene, the throwdown with Gene Wilder — “Are you here in Paris for business or pleasure?”)

  6. The Elizabeth movie conflated Francois, Duc d’Anjou, with his brother Henri III, I believe.

  7. A late response: Tim Roth in “Rob Roy,” an enjoyable 18th-century swords and castles and crofts and heather, etc., sort of movie. He is a fabulous fop, a mincing sadist who’s great with a blade, and all messed up because of his unhappy childhood. I almost hoped he’d kill Liam Neeson, whom I usually root for.

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