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  1. I discovered him in Brotherhood of the Wolf and thought he was dishy in a very French way. I loved that he was married to Monica Bellucci but no depressed that since they split up, he’s dating girls who aren’t even drinking age in the States.

    1. Same. Brotherhood of the Wolf and then Eastern Promises made me really appreciate his beauty and talent. And oh god, La Haine! Not a frock flick but such an important film!

  2. You liked Vincent? You should have a look at his father Jean Pierre, who was also quite the Jazzman and dancer.
    It’s a very talented family, but Vincent always loved the extremes. He does villains good.

    1. And played King Louis XIII of France in Richard Lester’s Three and Four Musketeers films.

      1. Jean-Pierre was also in Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines as the French pilot who kept abandoning the race to go flirt with women along the route.

  3. He just creeps me out. Like I never want to be in a room alone with him. I have no idea why. Just shudders

    1. Same! I watched Tale of Tales recently and he’s just so creepy/skeevy/icky shudder However I can’t think of anything else he’s been in that I’ve seen/recognized him in, so I don’t know how much of that was the character and how much was him.

  4. “The Reckoning.” The medieval costuming in this one contains a heavy shipment of WTF, but it’s a good story. Plus Cassel, in red leather. You’re welcome, Kendra.

  5. Honestly, the first thing I ever saw of him was his role in Black Swan, where he was the director sexually harassing Natalie Portman’s character, and that creep factor has stayed with me ever since.

    Part of why I really don’t buy him as the Beast in the visual porn of La Belle et La Bête.

  6. I was intrigued by your post about Vincent Cassel. As an American who’s lived in France since 1992, I’ve discovered a lot of French actors, singers, etc., who are very famous & popular over there (and in Europe in general) but hardly known by the general public in the U.S.
    He probably started seeing that 20-year-old girl (OMG, younger than my kids!), during or after the filming of Tale of Tales, where he looks pretty hunky. Is that chest shot true or photoshopped?
    I also would like to mention that French guys can get away with crossing their legs while sitting (my husband does it), which an American guy, and maybe some gals would think so ‘queer’.

  7. I have unreasonable amount of love for this man. So damn handsome and such a good actor. I adore him in Brotherhood of the Wolf even if there are some serious wtfs in that movie.

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