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  1. I have listen to your pod cast . You need a man’s point of view .

    Thia is a small list of 16th century research books that I own.

    Queen Elizabeth Wardrobe Unlocked By Janet Arnold ( when I purchased was almost $400.00 ,* Pattern of Fashion 3 By Janet Arnold, * Gloriana The portraits of Queen Elizabeth By Roy Strong, * Dynasties..Paintings in Tudor and Jacobean England 1530-1630 Edited by Karen Hearn, * Drafting & Constructing a simple Doublet & Trunkhose of the Spanish Renaissance By R.W. Trump , * Daily life in Holland in the Year 1566 and the Story of My Ancestor’s Treasure Chest By Poortvliet, *The Tudor Tailor, Tudor Child, Tudor Servants..By Ninya Mikhaila and Jane Malcolm-Davies, * Period Costumes for Stage and Screen Patterns for Woman’s Dress 1500-1800 By Jean Hunnisett Designer of Elizabeth R , * Evolution of Fashion By HILL & Bucknell *
    The Tudor Age By A.F.Scott, * Dress in the Age of Elizabeth I By Jane Ashelford , * The Virgin Queen Elizabeth I , Genius of the Golden Age By Christopher Hibbert , * Queen Elizabeth I By J.E. Neale , * The Tudor Chronicles 1485-1603 By Susan Doran, As Well as my First book on Elizabethan Costumes (Non Historic) Janet Winter & Carolyn Savoy

    1. A MAN! A may-an, you say? Well fetch me a mint julep and let me just sit here and knit a cozy for my wandering womb while you ‘splain it to us.

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