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  1. Better yet, ask who’s your favourite Josephine? Fashion icon, muse and collector of the ‘most excellent’ *nods to Bill & Ted’s* jewellery.
    I detest the megalomaniac.

  2. In the Stiger movie remember those epic battles were done before CGI … those are all real people

    1. This! Those Waterloo scenes remain my favorite to this day. So breathtaking and well-choreographed! Whoever staged them did such a good job of showcasing the battlefield tactics of the era. And the military uniforms across the board were terrific. Steiger may not be the most glamorous of the Napoleons, but he is my favorite.

      1. And the music was wonderful! I had the soundtrack, and listened to the waltz almost every night before bed.

  3. I rather like that a couple of the above photos show The Ogre wearing his scarlet velvet suit as depicted in Inres’s 1804 portrait of him as First Consul.

  4. Scali Delpeyrat is my favorite. I spent every moment he was on screen going YES!! Something about him — the look, the arrogance, the composure, just screamed PERFECT CASTING to me.

    1. Actually, Napoléon was close to 5-foot-6, which was not considered short during his time. There’s a collector in France who has one of Bonaparte’s uniforms, and experts determined from measuring it that Napoléon was taller than commonly believed.

  5. Great list– but OMG, you forgot Albert Dieudonné, who played the lead in Abel Gance’s amazing silent classic Napoleon from 1927! Not only are the costumes surprisingly good, the movie is mesmerizing, pioneering many trailblazing film techniques, and definitely worth a watch.

  6. Who is the woman in black sitting on the far side of m. Bonaparte in the 2002 one with Isabella Rossellini? She’s fabulous and my new girl crush.

  7. I certainly talk about the early 70s BBC War and Peace with Anthony Hopkins as Pierre. It is my all time favourite TV series. And as it won an award for costumes maybe one day we can hope to see it featured in TBT?

    1. Same here! My favourite version of War and Peace by far! It’s where I fell in love with Anthony Hopkins.

  8. I remember loving the 2002 Nepoleon as a teen but don’t remember anything about it other than the fact that Isabella Rosselini is wonderful (as usual).

  9. Although the uniforms were bad, I think that Daniel Gélin and Raymond Pellegrin did a good Job in their portray of Napoleon in the epic 3 hours “Napoléon” (1954) biopic by the famous Sacha Guitry. I did’nt liked it as a film, but Napoleon as a character nobody can understand is very well portrayed.

  10. Dear Trystan loved the post
    I think people don’t talk about the 1972 War & Peace because no one would see it (20 45 min eps are frightening questionable fabric choices don’t help and Morag Hood as Natasha from 13 to 28 years old gets it worse at least in the 8 first eps) watch it for A VEEEEERY faithful adaptation of the Tolstoy novel including the forgotten Rostov daughter Vera but I can’t recommend it for much else

  11. Watching the 80’s cheese fest one now…the red dress Josephine keeps wearing is pure Dynasty. As is her hair, earrings, etc…

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