34 thoughts on “I Can’t Relax About That Ikea Video

  1. F*ck me, you girls can be funny sometime!

    You are right, that sh*t just doesn’t add up.

    I was cracking up so hard over this post, my wife in the next room (who is constantly giving me sh*t for my love affair with this blog. She just doesn’t get what it is like to love period costume) heard me, and asked what was up. I replied that I was “Just busy being amused over a French-ish Ikea add with apples, poncy men, and more than a few unfortunate bigginses”, and she didn’t know what to think. She finally settled on “What’s a bigginses?”, to which I replied “Google the words Frock Flicks and Unfortunate Bigginses”. She still think I am as barmy as ever, but at least I have finally gotten her to read one of your articles!

      1. I just got home from Pennsic War, and I got into *slight* trouble with Duke Cariodoc for calling Arming Caps Unfortunate Biggins. I just totally blamed all you ladies and continued on my way.

          1. Unless you are on the list field, why would you put a head condom on?! Wear a flat cap for goodness sake. then again, I’m a bad pirate/sailor because I REFUSE to wear a thrum cap. I’ll do a turban, head scarf or live cat before I wear a dead muppet on my head. :P

  2. Laughed out loud at the premise. But I’m with you – what was the orange pointy food???

    1. I think the oysters are surrounding it, which makes the painting even more wrong, because the oysters look mostly eaten & have something that looks like a banana peel on the same plate. I mean, really, this guy is the crappiest food blogger evar!

  3. I would say crayfish or prawns too. Fab post, I wee’d a bit..
    As for ‘why is the woman asleep in bed?’ ASLEEP? Are you mad, she was being serviced by the footman, [or possibly the kitchenmaid, couldn’t tell] and what time are you supposed to do that then? Hmmm?
    Keep ’em coming missus, I need more of this.

  4. The painting is based on a real Dutch painting “Still Life with Peacock Pie” by Pieter Claesz, from 1627

      1. It’s a classic Dutch School painting. However, the way they show the painting being done in the video is not true to the technique of the time at all.

  5. Loved it. Especially the unfortunate biginesses and poncy men. The blond wig one has my vote for the poncy man that I…

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