15 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: The Death of Fashion

  1. I hate the hair. The greasy center part, the big bun, braid or wave over the ear are unflattering and ugly. When the 1990-2000s center part with the two skinny droopy strands on either side of the face was popular I hated that too.

  2. I see your points, but I don’t care, it’s still my favourite era. It does require skill and finesse to pull off though, as fit is everything and you can’t rely on dramatic shapes or trim to distract from it.

  3. Thank you for the Bronte rant. The insistence of ‘Dowdy Bronte’ sisters ties into the insistence of also portraying Haworth as a tiny, remote country village so often, when it was a very busy industrial village, closely linked to Bradford, Keighley and Halifax’s busy and lucrative wool trade. Bradford was a centre of cloth production! You could easily travel to the big towns, and they did.

    (To walk invisible did at least get that bit right, showing them heading off to various places!)

    We know that London fashions were up in Bradford within days, why on earth do they think that they would all be in drab, boring, unfashionable things? (and the Brontes themselves traveled – not just to the aforementioned towns, but off London and Europe!).

    Sorry, it’s a pet hate of mine, that the ‘grim north’ is so often portrayed as isolated too. (See also the insistence on describing the Cottingley of the Fairies fame as a ‘little rural village away from industry – it’s slap bang between Shipley and Bingley, with Bradford and Keighley either side of that, and canal running between them all – well, within 10 mins walk of Cottingley, but close enough!)

  4. I did an 1840s wedding reenactment and made the wedding dress, wore the bonnet and managed the sausage curls and I thought I was CUTE. Wish I could share a picture here.

  5. The 1840s really seems to be getting the gritty medieval treatment by costume designers. Everything is sad grey, dull brown, faded blue, dusty looking everything. I don’t really hate the period, but I wish we could get some more interesting takes on it. Give us colour, pattern, the silly hairstyles, the wackiness that humans have always done when it comes to dressing up

    1. At some point I’ll do a Top 5 Death of Fashion Costumes I Do Like post bec. they exist — but only about 5 bec. usually film/TV drags out the era in, as you said, the sad & dull version!

  6. I love how these SnarkWeek posts show us just how much y’all hold back on certain pet peeves throughout the rest of the year!!

  7. I love the 1840s, but this happened because when I was young I watched Zeffirelli’s La Traviata (costumes by Piero Tosi) and Cousin Bette (costumes by Gabriella Pescucci)– and the costumes in both movies are so amazing and beautiful. Well-fitted, gorgeous fabrics, tasteful designs, and even the bonnets managed to be spectacular. It filled me with so much enthusiasm and love for that period. If I’d watched these movies with these gritty, depressing, washed-out costumes, I’d probably hate the 1840s too.

    1. Actually I love 1840s fashion. The centerpart, ringlets, ballgown and even the little cape with that shiny fabric. It’s very close to the 1660s fashion. But I can see where period pieces can mess it up. Personally, my idea of ugly fashion is the 1830s, 1890s , the robe francais and the early 1600s.

  8. Am I correct in recalling that the 1840s were the decade facial hair started to go EVERYWHERE as a build up to the High Victorian ‘mountain man-as-hair model’ (AKA ‘The 1970s are gonna LOVE this’) era?

    1. At some point, I’ll do a write up of men’s facial hair in frock flicks, bec. that’s so often done wrong — or really just done w/whatever the modern style is & no attempt to do period styles ;)

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