8 thoughts on “The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017) Doesn’t Reinvent the Carol

  1. I saw it last year in the theatre – I went by myself and it was lovely. Partly because it was an afternoon to myself, but also because I enjoyed the movie. And I loved that plaid frock.

  2. I watched this Saturday night! Was it an earth shattering picture? No. But it was quite enjoyable and, to my less trained eyes, the costumes looked good—and I LOVE that plaid dress.

    I put this into a similar category as Guernsey L&PPPS, actually, as a film. It’s a smaller story that has its ostensible main tale, but also weaves in some serious themes, including trauma, hurt, and forgiveness, with a literary bent (in this case, writer’s block rather than the meaningfulness of books). It’s not a film I would insist everyone has to see, but I would recommend it for the engaging story with good production values.

  3. I loved this, mostly because as a writer, I write very much as Dickens does in this tale — I set out with the best of intentions only to have my characters hijack my plot, decide how their own stories shall end, and demand my constant attention, hounding me with their ideas up until the very end. And, you’ve inspired me. Must go pluck it from my shelf and watch it before Christmas…

  4. Saw it too and I enjoyed it. But I’m going to insist on wearing plaid at Dickens faire next year.

  5. I searched, but is there really no Dan Stevens Man Candy Monday post? I totally thought you guys did one but is that just a fever dream on my part? Just putting that out there because he’s my boyfriend and he’s been in a ton of historical stuff if I recall correctly.

      1. He really does. I think maybe it’s because he has such a classically English look and a longer face, but he’s not uber-symmetrical or square-jawed, so he suits several period styles. He is good-looking, but not god-like perfection. I think he’s be perfect for 18th century styles if you look at paintings from the time.

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