11 thoughts on “WCW: Emily Blunt

  1. Into the Woods is the only film of those listed that I’ve seen, but I’m really looking forward to Mary Poppins Returns. Especially when I found out they brought back the original animators for the first film.

  2. This isn’t very encouraging.

    Mind you, I thought the costumes for “THE YOUNG VICTORIA” were beautiful. But the movie was such a bore to me. In “DEATH ON THE NILE”, she looks like a kewpie doll. And I probably won’t see “MARY POPPINS RETURNS” until its DVD release or on cable. I was not inspired by the trailer.

  3. I love Emily Blunt. I really liked Young Victoria, and I agree she has the ability to do more frock flicks. Not historical but A Quiet Place was incredible.

  4. I really liked The Young Victoria, although they did invent a few incidents to make it a little more exciting. The costumes were really beautiful and the hairstyles were weird but still lovely.

    Also, Paul Bettany was simply ravishing as Lord Melbourne.

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