4 thoughts on “TBT: My Cousin Rachel (1952)

  1. Burton was star of the month recently on TCM so I had the oppty to see My Cousin Rachel among many other of his films. I enjoyed it but yeah, Phillip annoyed me just like Heathcliffe always does. I shamefully admit to missing (or failing to be annoyed by) the skirt hiking…maybe because it’s so ubiquitous in films (along with too-long skirts dragging in the dirt and mud).
    Thanks for the review. What are your predictions for the new version?

  2. Thanks for doing this review! I love the novel and the film. Nice atmosphere. Great cast. Shame about the skirt hiking…

    I’m REALLY looking forward to the new version of this. I hope to see it tomorrow, actually. I almost never see films in the theater, but am making the rare exception since I love this novel so much.

  3. You can also see the really pointy 1950s bra shape in the last picture. 1830s corsets did start to give more definition to the bust, but it wasn’t enough to poke your eye out.

  4. Question about the Princess Leia hair — was that period correct for the 1830s? I thought they mostly wore dangly curls on either side of the face, covering the ears. Did not know that they did the cinnamon-bun look back then. Also it must have been annoying as hell having your hair over your ears like that, it would make me nuts.

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