8 thoughts on “WCW: Isabelle Huppert

  1. You missed “Les lignes de Wellington”. That’s a very boring film set during the Peninsular Campaign. But Vincent Perez and Isabelle Hubert are just perfect in their short roles.

    “St. Cyr” (2000) is a very interesting film and Isabelle Huppert got much of praise for her acting there, although I think that J-F Balmer (known for his magificant work as Louis XVI in “La Revolution Francaise” (1989)) was even more interesting as the old Racine, who had his troubles with the young girls.

  2. Well, some of these are lovely (wow that blue/print combo! and the one with the veil!). But I have to admit my eye was drawn by the WhatTheFrock moments…

    -Apparently 1916 Canada is roughly equivalent both to medievalish Disney Aurora and the ethnic costume of my Central European great grandmother from around the turn of the century.
    -I assume it’s ribbon, but what is that purple pom pom/sea urchin on the corset top?
    -Yes, that is truly The Worst Head Necklace® ever.

  3. and to go with the worst head-necklace some “straight out of Joann fabrics” trim! Yikes!

  4. I tend to adore Isabelle in almost anything, even “Les Soeurs Brontë,” which was pretty (unintentionally) funny in parts, but not as Madame Bovary. Apart from not being a pale brunette like Mme. B., she looks far too intelligent and alert for that delusional lady.

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