13 thoughts on “18th Century Quest: Lady J (2018)

  1. I will try to see it. Sometimes these French production find their way on French TV-HPs.

    The Pictures are looking not really promising, although I like Cécile de France (what a name by the way :-D).

  2. I look forward to reading this post! I don’t see it up on your Patreon site yet, but maybe I just looked too soon.

  3. Ok but Mme de la Pommeroye’s motivation was so confusing to me. Like she has an affair with scraggly marquis, suspects he’s not into her anymore, and when she asks him, he admits that he isn’t, which apparently is SO INJURIOUS to her that she concocts a ridiculous revenge plot that of course blows up in her face. If they were trying to upend the trope of the older rich dude in period dramas being a creeper, then they succeeded, because I didn’t see anything in the story that made him unsympathetic (other than the whole trying-to-hook-up-with-reluctant-teenage-prostitute). Maybe something was lost in translation when adapting the original story.

  4. I can tell why the actor doesnot wear a wig or have a beard: he is a major French actor and a diva very full of himself. So he certainly told them to fuck off with their wigs and shaving!

  5. Despite the ugly beard, I enjoyed this movie, one year ago: the langage was pure and classical and so naturally spoken by the actors.
    Now, as soon as you can, find a way to watch Portrait of a lady on fire.Great movie.

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  6. This might be the worst historical movie I’ve ever watched. My friends and I were so excited for it but none of the good things about it were good enough to redeem all the stuff we hated. Not one character was sympathetic in any way, maybe with the exception of the young prostitute’s mother, who actually acted like a real person. And when I see it hailed as subversive, it just makes me roll my eyes. Mme de la Pommeroye acts like so many similar characters in literature and movies, treating those less fortunate like pawns, The marquis is a sleek creep, who, of course, falls for an innocent girl, who’s really a prostitute (so original). The girl has no self respect whatsoever and is exactly the stereotype of the kind of self-pitying and long-suffering innocent those kinds of guys “change” for in media.

    I suppose the fact that the Mme’s plot wasn’t successful in the end and the slutty marquis was able to overlook his wife’s past (how good of him) was supposed to be some great twist, but you can literally see it from a mile away in this poorly done narrative. I don’t see anything original or subversive about someone who’s technically an antihero getting a surprise and undeserved happy ending. It’s been done a million times.

  7. There was a great movie adaptation of this story, relased in the 40’s : Les dames du Bois de Boulogne. It wasn’t a period movie, but was very good.

  8. The costumes do look pretty aesthetically and historically.So accurate in silhouette, but so devoid of trimmings that it makes me want to rush to the costumes with meters of lace and ruffle.Interesting way to create contrast using the same fabric but in different directions.I noticed that French productions tend to get the bust silhouette just right,otherwise Hollywood does tend to either get it too high or too low,too floppy or too squeezing-the-torso-of-the-performers.

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