5 thoughts on “18th-Century Quest Visits the Convent With The Nun (2013)

  1. This movie looks really interesting! Thanks for posting about it!

    I just discovered this blog three days ago, and I have been binge-reading the articles ever since. I was a history and English major in college and always enjoyed historical dramas and film costumes, as well as debating issues surrounding adapting history to film and learning about clothing from all sorts of historical periods. My academic focus was more on the political side of 20th century European history, so even though I knew the basics of historical fashion, I lacked more in-depth knowledge of the subject.

    Needless to say, I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the blog, so I just wanted to thank you three for creating such a wonderful combination of history and fashion knowledge and snark and Man Crush Mondays.

  2. Oh, you have solved a mystery for me! I read this book when I was in my pre-teens. My grandmoter had been given a whole box of old novels which she took to our summer house and I unpacked and erad most of them. This book had some rather, ahem, interesting, illustrations and I guess my grandmother got wind of it, because the book disappeareed and I had no idea what it was called and who wrote it! so thank you, now I know! And the Movie looks very interesting. :)

  3. The leading actress was just fabulous and the costumes were nice, although not really important because the film was just a good one (although I don’t like the book). It was great to see it in the theatre. There were only some shitty details like dishes, and I was surprised to see the father smoking a cigare. I felt confident about the changes. The original Story is dark and the film kept the right balance to produce a film.

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