23 thoughts on “Top 5 Places to Stream Frock Flicks Classics Right Now

  1. Unfortunately, Hulu isn’t available here in Canada. CraveTV has some good historical shows too :)

    1. Would you be able to access it w/a VPN? I don’t actually know, I just get all the NordVPN ads on YouTube promising that I can watch my favorite BBC shows stealthily.

  2. I resisted the siren song of Amazon Prime as long as I could, but dang it, they have a lot of content. Where else can I buy dog treats and watch Lucy Worsley at the same time? :)

  3. Sign, gonna have to pony up for Acorn for I, Claudius. We had it briefly for the Miss Fisher movie (I love Miss Fisher, but that was a stinker), and then dropped it.

  4. This is a swell list, and I appreciate your noting all the shows. Please don’t forget PBS! They have their own streaming service called Passport ($50USD/year), and the money goes straight to public programming! You can watch All Creatures Great and Small, Call the Midwife, and a ton of other Masterpiece shows, NOVA, Frontline, and all the other PBS goodies.

    Amazon let’s you watch Passport PBS through Prime, but I don’t totally trust that all the money goes to PBS.

    And I understand that BBC lets you stream past shows in the UK. Is that right?

    1. This is just my top 5. I do get PBS Passport bec. I donate to my local station & I can access the app online, thru my Fire TV, thru Roku, etc. However, it doesn’t have a lot of “classics” — it’s better for what’s currently or recently playing on PBS. Also, you’re limited to only what’s been on PBS.

      1. That’s ok. It’ll be on MY top 5.

        And I’m sending you a virtual high-five for also donating to your local station. PBS fans!

    2. The BBC iPlayer has what’s on currently on the BBC, and lets you watch that for a while, but it’s not like they have every past show on all the time. I usually use it just for things that I’ve missed, as the normal streaming service I pay here for TV where I watch BBC normally only has a 7-day replay. It’s blocked outside the UK, but can be accessed via MediaHint or a VPN connection. I do pay my normal TV licence and for everything else, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to watch something occasionally that I’ve missed and that’s been over for more than a week. It can happen…

  5. Netflix also has a ton of foreign frock flicks and series. Thieves of the Wood, The Cook of Castamere, Jodhaa Akhbar, etc.

    I just started a Russian one called Silver Skates.

    Amazon Prime has two Russian mini series on Catherine the Great that I adored.

  6. Ovation, a standard Internet channel. runs Miss Fisher, Murdoch, and many other mystery series, present or past.

  7. Thank you for this! Most of acorns offerings (including Miss Fisher) are also available through hoopla so there’s less and less incentive to subscribe now. In fact when my cable company offered acorn as a weekly sample The only thing I made sure to watch was Pride and prejudice having a ball we seems to be only available in the US on acorn. Oh well!

  8. I’m going to chime in with Le and give a shout out to Hoopla and also to Kanopy. They’re streaming services that I think (?) are exclusive to libraries in the United States. While I can’t name an exhaustive list of films off the top of my head that are available on them, here are a few titles that I can remember and/or are in my queue: The Slipper and The Rose, Elizabeth R, Dancing on the Edge, The Women of Brewster Place, Phantom of the Opera (starring Lon Chaney), lots of Vincent Price movies, lots of Jane Austen adaptations including Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, and so much more. At one time Kanopy had a deep list of vintage horror films. Hoopla’s offerings are extensive. My memory’s a bit fuzzy re Kanopy because it doesn’t play nice with my computer. But both services have surprising finds are are worth investigating. Those services are FREE. Yay. You just need to enroll using your library card. Your library’s webpage should list the various streaming services to which it subscribes. In other words, support your local library! :)

  9. Netflix also has the Medici series starring Richard Madden (in the first series), as well as various European series such as Cable Girls, the Defeated, Traitors and TURN: Washington’s Spies that was on AMC.

      1. The first season of the Medici series on Netflix is the only one I saw. To me, its main flaw was that 90% of the actors were MISCAST. The actors weren’t necessarily bad…but they REALLY weren’t suited to those roles. I loved the first season of TURN. Sadly I didn’t see subsequent seasons because I cut the cord after the end of season 1. Glad to know it’s on Netflix. I understand why it wouldn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who are interested there are at least two Man Candy Monday actors in it–the oh-so yummy JJ Feild and Burn Gorman.

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