20 thoughts on “Anglophiles Unite for BritBox!

  1. swoon

    I’m financially strapped at present but once I resolve that — BritBox and I have a clandestine rendezvous planned. 😍

    swoons and drops onto the floor

    1. I had Acorn and enjoyed it. It includes Australian and NZ shows (Britbox doesn’t) as well as UK but it doesn’t have the depth of classic shows like Britbox. I think overall it’s a better deal for me being a lover of the classic 60s-80s shows, so I canceled my Acorn subscription.

    2. We’ve reviewed Acorn — https://frockflicks.com/acorn-tv/ — & still stand by it. Acorn has shows that BritBox doesn’t, such as Murdoch Mysteries. I think the Aussie, NZ, & Canadian shows will increasingly be the specialty of Acorn, plus it does have original series, esp. in the mystery category. So depending on your tastes, you might want both channels. And they each have free trials so you can log in & check out what’s available :)

    1. Two. I cackled. Amazon got more of my money for BritBox as soon as I saw it described here. Well played, ladies.

  2. Aww, it’s on Amazon, they should allow you to have an affiliate link! 10 people subscribe and you get it free or something akin!

    1. Nope – that was just easier for me. You can subscribe & view thru a Roku device or the internet or other stuff if you’re more technically inclined than I am :)

  3. Just signed up and am enjoying Miss Marple again. (I want to be her someday.)
    And have bookmarked aaaaaalllll the other shows! Thanks for the review; I’ve been considering trying it, but this pushed me over.

  4. I’m going to need a full review of Aristocrats, stat. I got BritBox yesterday and busted through 5 episodes in a row.

  5. Every time I’m reminded of BritBox’s existence I get pissed off all over again that it’s not available in Canada.

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