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  1. I’d have to say all the Sharpe’s series since I haven’t seen most of the others. Now, think about this: I believe that one of the nicknames for Sean is Sawney, which would make out hero Sawney Bean. If you don’t get that one, look it up.

  2. I’m a huge Sharpe fan, and Bean’s performance in that series made me try to check out everything else he’d done before (not to mention after). He was the best part of “LotR,” and I really want them to do a “Troy” follow up and follow Odysseus back home.

  3. Would it be possible, for an upcoming MCM, to cover the historical films of the ORGINAL Sharpe? (Paul McGann, who also looks lovely in uniforms)

  4. Yoiks, he looked unexpectedly like Leonardo di Caprio in that 1986 picture! And weirdly like Jaime Lannister in 1993.
    WHOA but some of these movies look cheesy. Ultra-cheesy. Gorgonzola-level cheesy.

  5. Sean Bean became my ultimate dream man when I was 12. My overall taste in men underwent some changes – I’m 30 now- but despite whoever was new and sexy on my radar Sean Bean remained at top of my list until 2005 (when I discovered Benedict Cumberbatch). He is still in my top five. His body may age, but that piercing gaze has kept its intensity. Not to mention that VOICE.

  6. Sharpe defines “a bit of rough trade.” While I imagine others were panting after Pitt in “Troy” I was scoping Sean. Can’t stomach the gore in “GOT”–too bad. I bought “Clarissa” the first thing I saw him in. But Boromir was nearly heart-breaking.

  7. Eh, Black Death coulda been worse. It had Sean Bean and the Red Woman from GOT, who was plausibly offputting.

    1. I believe is also had ‘Ser Alliser Thorne’ as his brother- & the good guy… I can’t remember- it’s been an absolute age since I last saw it.
      Sean was my favourite part of ‘Troy’, too- as another commenter said; a sequel with his Odysseus & the fall of Mycenaean Greece/ the Greek Dark Ages would be cool- the myths said the poor guy ended up being away from home for 20 years… twice as long as all the others!

    1. It never ended up airing in the U.S. (there was a basic cable deal the apparently fell thru), & it hasn’t been available for streaming. Plus, the only DVDs for sale are UK-only. WTFrock?!? Must be some weird rights issue.

      1. its pretty good actually, but I have no idea if the costumes are good… feels like it though.Anna Maxwell Martins Mary Shelley’s costumes are what Im most curious about. Oh, spoiler alert… someone doesnt die in this one ;)

        1. I just found out that it’s been picked up by NetFlix and will be available for streaming around the 20th of February 2008.

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