14 thoughts on “Scarlett (1994): Dammit, I Liked It!

  1. I hated the sequel and missed the miniseries with the intention of not seeing it. Wife beating British aristos and you’re right. If you don’t have a title, tiaras are verboten.

    Besides they got Ireland wrong…

    1. Actually the rules of tiaras are that they’re a married woman thing, as opposed to a titled thing. It’s perfectly acceptable for an untitled woman to wear a tiara, especially to be presented at court, as it’s part of the traditional, ultra-formal ball gown kind of uniform worn on those occasions. A tiara was de rigueur for a ball, like white tie and tails, married lady wouldn’t dream of going to court (even just a viceregal court) without a tiara, it would be like going commando at a wedding, you’d feel undressed.

  2. Ah, rum rasin lipstick and “smokey eyes”. I miss the grunge inspired natural make up look of the 90’s. We all looked like we stepped off a cheesy soap opera.
    I remember being excited to watch this mini-series on the star power of Whalley alone. I feel in love with her in the TV movie version of Tess of the D’Urbervilles. I adore Tom Hardy novels. Lol

  3. Ok, brain freeze, Catherine Zeta-Jones played Eustatia Vye in Return of the Native. Joanne Whalley was in Willow. Thinking back I remember an article stating Zeta-Jones would have been a better choice for Scarlett.

  4. As I recall, some of the costumes were the real deal– museum pieces. Searching in archives might provide more insight

  5. I enjoyed Scarlett the book, but in it, Sally is described as an ugly, monkey-faced woman, which is why she gets away with all her masculine attributes. Jean Smart is much too attractive to pull that off. They should have cast Zelda Rubinstein (Tangina in Poltergeist) instead!

  6. As with everything Timothy Dalton is in… I loved it. I only realize it nowadays, how lovely the customes are… Need to rewatch it.

  7. Actually, I prefer this version to Ripley’s novel, which I thought ended on an anti-climatic and almost dull note. However, I found the second half of Part 3 a bit on the dull side.

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