10 thoughts on “Top 5 Corset Scenes

    1. yes yes yes yes ! Glad you mentioned it ! Great selection though, apart from the Frankanstein thing Berk Berk Berk (as we say in elaborate french)

    1. I was surprised a different Claire scene was picked, but I agree with you Susan, Claire’s wedding night and the undoing of the corset…mmmmmmmmmm.

  1. I often think of Ruth lacing up Rose in Titanic, and lecturing her about how women must sacrifice their personal desires for common sense. Great scene.

  2. Thought of another good corset scene. In Elizabeth starring Helen Miren there’s a scene showing Elizabeth being dressed by her ladies in waiting. It shows the way in which the queen was dressed.

  3. Not necessarily for here but since there is no general comment section I can find…

    Can’t wait for you guys to review the new War and Peace and Dickensian.

  4. Check out “Carnival in Flanders” ??? The bum-roll assembly makes me wonder about missing details of how garments are supported. Are there document trails justifying the suspenders on her under-garments? What would be the male equivalent? When does anyone claim to invent suspenders (braces). Two world wars have intervened between the makeing of that Comedie Francaise film and now. I wonder what they had access to that has been destroyed.

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