13 thoughts on “18th-Century Quest: Barry Lyndon Costume Movie Review

  1. Probably the greatest historical epic ever made, at least in my estimation. Melancholic, tragic, beautiful, haunting, philosophical, political, existential, cruel, but with tiny slithers of softness and heart.

    1. I watched this last weekend one night when I was unable to sleep. Found it oddly mesmerizing…maybe it was the slow drum beat throughout…but really enjoyed the experience. It was an experience…unlike any movie I can recall. Bizarre, slowish, kind of dreamy, but I couldn’t look away lol. I kind of hate-watched Ryan in the lead but he also sort of fit. I had just read the book so was excited to watch and it was mostly close to the book except for how his marriage came about. Wish there were more women in it for costume purposes…am not a big fan of uniforms.

  2. Can you explain more what’s wrong with Barry Lyndon’s hair? You say it should not look like a mullet, but it doesn’t look like a mullet to me. Also I see similar things in paintings of the period. For example : http://portraittimeline.com/1790s%20Portraits%20-%20f_files/James_peale_painting_a_miniature_charles_willson_peale.jpg

      1. Thanks!
        By the way, I found an unknown french tv movie where the costumes and hair seem really good, but I’m impatient to read your review :

        1. Unkown? That’s a film about Madame de Pompadour.
          I hated Hélène de Fougerolles in the role of Mme de Pompadour – a similar miscast like Keira Knightley as the duchess of Devonshire.
          But Vincent Pérez did a stunning job as the introvert king Louis and Charlotte de Turckheim as the queen is just perfect. Some aspects of the film are enoying, but it’s OK, because it’s just a TV-production.

  3. There is a scene in Barry Lyndon where an actress wears a laced up in the back dress. I am glad you ladies point this out about laced up in the back dresses and visible grommets. Hell I have learned more off this website than all my years in school.

  4. BTW, this movie destroyed Ryan O’Neal’so career. I’m not sure why, I didn’t think he was that bad.

  5. I loved the pictures, although some hairdos especially on the men are looking to much like 1970s and I never understood why a man like Barry’s mentor has a moustache and has makeup.

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