6 thoughts on “Tips: Where Can I Watch That Historical Costume Movie?

  1. Another good source article! Which raises a point: wouldn’t it be nice if the producers added credits to films that were easier to read on a smaller screen?

  2. You should absolutely try your public library. My suburban library system has 10k+ titles available and will try to get any titles they don’t own through nationwide interlibrary loan FOR FREE. Tons of complete tv series available as well.

    1. I second the public library system! It’s a fantastic resource for this (and so many other things – support your local public library!)

  3. It’s also possible to get a guest library card at many colleges/universities (though some have a policy of not lending “audiovisual materials” to guest patrons). They tend to have a ton of historical films and miniseries, because film, history and literature professors all use them in courses.

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