5 thoughts on “TBT: Malcolm X (1992)

  1. Yes, I’ve seen Malcolm X, and I love it. There are so many things to explore in this film. Costume-wise, I think the women’s costumes are interesting too–the “loose” women’s clothing in the first half, the flashbacks of his mother, the modest garb of the Nation of Islam women, and also the plain clothing of his wife, Betty Shabazz, in which Carter demonstrated not only Shabazz’s style but also that Malcolm was not embezzling funds from the Nation of Islam, like several others. Also, costume-wise, another important factor would be the Nation of Islam’s crisp, clean suits and how the men presented themselves to the world–fellow African-Americans and the broader white society alike. There’s much richness to discuss here just on the costumes alone. And, as always, Ruth Carter knocked it out of the park!

  2. Need to re-watch it, reread the book that it is based upon, and watch the documentary. Costumes are beyond words fabulous and the Mecca prayer suit brought tears to my eyes. Every citizen needs to watch this.

  3. I think this and Do the Right Thing (1989) are Spike Lee’s bona fide masterpieces. Great movie. Also interestingly the first non-documentary to be granted permission to shoot inside Mecca. Both are essential viewing.

  4. The combination of Denzel and Spike on the same screen, AND in zoot suits, is beyond cool.

  5. This movie is a great example of why “historically accurate” doesn’t mean “boring”. Look at those zoot suits! Also, I love how the changing sense of style shows the historical change and character growth and it’s again, all rooted in actual history.

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