17 thoughts on “Top 10 Bustle Frock Flicks, Part 1

  1. I bet you include Lilli! The Pallisers had great bustle dresses but you haven’t covered that series yet.

    1. If it’s not there, I’d question whether or not Trystan and company have had their caffeine.

  2. Topsy-Turvy had some absolutely gorgeous gowns, especially Gilbert’s wife Kitty. Plus there’s a lovely scene where the actresses are getting dressed after a performance and are in various stages of frillies/ petticoats/ bustle cages.

    1. Buccaneers for sure. Daniel Deronda has a couple great ones. I’m also betting on Age of Innocence.

  3. The bustle era is one of my absolutely favorite eras! The clothes are lovely, and they had great hairstyles!

  4. Yay! I really like the bustle eras, too. I need to fix my bustle. I love how some of these look right out of a fashion plate. I would love to get the look, but my figuring out skills and/or my sewing skills are not adequately advanced at this time. But maybe someday.

  5. Bustle = tournure or faux-cul in french
    This last word really funny :
    False ass, if I may translate word to word A faux-cul also means an hypocritical person.
    Bust, bustle, busc. Sometimes, I need to check.

  6. Those are STUNNING, especially the stripes. The skill of dressmakers never ceases to amaze me. And the Winona pics remind me that Age of Innocence will probably make it into your next bustle post — maybe even more than one Wharton adaptation?

  7. Personally I hate bustles. How do you sit in those things? How can you walk? I’m not fond of the look at all but I admit it can be done well and was in these pictures.

    1. Watch Priorattire on Youtube and you’ll see how it was managed. But wouldn’t want to do it myself!

      1. Very interesting channel, thank you! So bustle frames were collapsible like cage crinolines, no problem sitting. But the narrow layered skirts of the early 1880s must have been like swaddling bands.

  8. The Secret of Moonacre has some cray-cray bustles where the rubbing structure is allowed to show.

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