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  1. Re: The Making of a Lady… He and his Indian wife are the villains of the movie. I remember enjoying watching the movie (the costumes are fabulous) but the story gets quite problematic and weird by the end.

    1. I read that recently. I liked some of the story but the blatant, blatant racism was profoundly off-putting.

      1. No worse than I’d expect given the era. And the real villain is a white man. Personally I am entirely on the side of the Ayah who killed him. Her attempt on Emily is not defensible really. But clearly she is motivated by a single minded desire to protect her nurseling and advance her interests. What is this stranger’s life compared to Hester’s happiness? It’s an attitude I can understand if not approve.

  2. “Master and Commander” is one of those movies that stops the household if we run across it. It’s just so good.

    1. I have been in love with him ever since I saw that movie. His character’s conclusion in that movie just stops my heart dead, every time.

      1. My top too, Master and Commander. I volunteer to count all those buttons in person if Russel and Jams are still wearing their costumes (swoon).

        1. For me it’s the tiiiiiiiiight pants. This man is six foot three and most of that is LEGS.

  3. He was UNREASONABLY hot in Master and Commander. Considering that that movie was basically a parade of male pulchritude (the uniforms! Hmmmm) the fact that he stood out is pretty damn impressive.

    I just watched Six Minutes to Midnight over the weekend and it was PHENOMENAL. I think it might have actually rekindled my long-dormant crush on the man.

    1. “He was UNREASONABLY hot in Master and Commander”<./i>

      This. So much this.

  4. Master and Commander. He will always be “Tom” to me, silly bicorne hat and all. I’ll admit to appreciating the scar. Worked for Aidan Turner too.

  5. I think he looks like Benedict Cumberbatch’s younger, goofier brother. I did a recent rewatch of Agent Carter and he is so good.

  6. He brought such a depth even in the smallest roles and think that he did a great job in “Master and Commander”. I would have loved it seeing a second movie maybe with him fighting a mutiny on his new vessel.

    The stock in “Tom Jones” is looking too large. But he was a perfect villain there and made Blifil somehow believable.

    I didn’t like his Sherlock Holmes-film although it was not his fault. It was too much made up and too less Holmes-like.

    Great acting in every role.

    1. I first saw him in Tom Jones, too. I even faked sick just so that I could watch it all on A&E. (Remember those days?) When he smiles, I melt.

      Yes, The Making of a Lady (The Making of a Duchess) was indeed…er….super-racist. But the couple didn’t act out of inchoate malevolence. The story was more about primogeniture, and also a little bit about what “marrying down” means vis a vis race.

  7. James D’Arcy IS good-looking, but I feel like it creeps up on me. In every 5th film I’m like, “Oh yeah, he’s a hottie.” Master and Commander is the best of the crop here. To me he gives off strong Robert Sean Leonard vibes….they should play brothers.

  8. Humm Leonardo? I’m not sure but maybe I’ve already watched it? Of course it was in Italian if I’m correct prepared for some homoerotic action people it did happen!

  9. It’s not period, but I have to give a shout out to his performance in the 2nd season of Broadchurch. Most of the roles I’ve seen him in have been nice characters, but he plays a manipulative predator to perfection. Even his walk is predator-like. He looks like he’s always about to pounce.

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