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  1. I really liked “Battle of the Sexes”. The strange thing is, in the movie she was Billie Jean King’s hairstylist, when in real life she was BJK’s secretary. Hollywood.

  2. I love her in the Agatha Christie. the duplicity of her role in witness for the prosecution is amazingly sympathetic.

  3. Probably still The Devil’s Whore, if only because I really haven’t seen any of the others. Those gown fabrics were STUNNING.

    1. Amended to say what I saw of the The Death of Stalin was very funny. I didn’t recognize her. I was on a transcontinental flight so I didn’t catch the entire movie.

  4. The Death of Stalin is brilliant. Very funny, very black. You’re appalled at yourself while you’re laughing. Superb cast who obviously relished every minute of it.

  5. She is a very talented and beautiful actress. I’ve often wondered why she isn’t more well known. My fave of her Frock Flick roles is Wallis in W.E. If we’re going to nitpick that she was too pretty to play Wallis Simpson, then I’ll add that James D’Arcy was too handsome to play David, and that James Fox and Natalie Dormer were too attractive and totally unsuited to play Bertie and Elizabeth. That said, I really liked the movie, including the gorgeous costuming and musical score, and the non-essential contemporary storyline. It’s been ages since I’ve seen The Devil’s Whore, and I just remember it being weird. Maybe it’s time for a re-watch. The showgirl stills from The Witness for the Prosecution remind me of Cate Blanchett’s showgirl costumes in The Man Who Cried. Great WCW choice! I definitely want to hunt down some of these pics!

  6. They’ve got the Wallis Simpson hair spot-on.

    Speaking of hair, ‘Barnett’ is an excellent name for a sort-of-fictional hairdresser! (For those not familiar with Cockney rhyming slang, ‘barnet’ = ‘Barnet Fair’ = ‘hair’)

  7. She is a real woman crush of mine, I find her really charismatic and charming in pretty much everything. I watched W.E. on a flight pretty much just because of her. Totally agree that the Wallis & Edward story was the only decent part of the film. But that brings something to mind – it would be great to see James D’Arcy in MCM!

  8. The casting as Wallis Simpson is spot-on. I had no desire to see WE but now those costumes are making me rethink. Must watch Death of Stalin too.

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