10 thoughts on “TBT: My Brilliant Career (1979)

  1. I didn’t expect to, but I fell in love with this film and its’ heroine’s journey. The depiction of her struggle resonated so strongly with me.

  2. I remember seeing this back when it first came out and was blown away by it. However I will admit that I had a hard time imagining giving up Sam Neill!! The costumes look like clothes that people really are wearing, not costumes.

    1. I too am a fan and wished she could have had Sam and her career, but am glad she stuck to her own inner voice. If she had given up the writing for him, I believe it, in the long run, would have soured the relationship. Down with the patriarchy.

      1. I can think of nineteenth century women writers who were married. Miles Franklin herself seems to have managed to write in spite of a succession of ‘day jobs’ so I don’t quite understand the either/or, unless of course Harry demanded she give up her writing in which case he is definitely Mr. Wrong!

    2. I agree about the sheer believability of the costumes. And, OMG, that crocheted, or whatever, yoke! Also the red parasol. (But I feel sure that the whole article is just an excuse for certain people to gaze transfixed at men in starched collars. As one does.)

  3. I’ve not seen it since it came out but it is so beautiful. It’s also great to see a film from this era wit proper underpinnings – fashion was awash with Edwardian inspired pin tucked blouses and dresses and accessories, and it was all too easy to sort of let the side down. Like the lace number with the mediaeval sleeves shown above. Go them!
    Interesting and also a bit sad about the Oscar.

  4. Hi Kendra, its great to see your Blog and the quotations from my chapter in Performance Costume. These frocks are so special and we have recently acquired several other costumes from My Brilliant Career for the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. I’ll keep you posted about when they will be next featured.
    Kind regards,
    Dr Jennifer Gall

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