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  1. Fitting is challenging! But this is a professional situation and I don’t think it’s wrong to expect that things should fit correctly. Yes there will be some issues with re-casting or budget or time, but a lot of it can be mitigated by smart thinking.

    I laughed out loud at the armscye section! I’ve had to make a LOT of FBAs, upper arm adjustments, and armscye adjustments. I feel like I had a patternmaking baptism by fire on that area with a challenging historical pattern where I had to do all three, and as a result I learned a lot about drafting arms and adjusting armscyes. I guess I just figured if your job was costume designer or stitcher that would be something you’d know?

  2. Is Natasha channeling her inner dancing pixie?

    And Meg’s bodice looks in need of fitting.

  3. I thought that Claire Foy’s gown had some awkward pleating across the front…e gads…
    Also Natasha 2016 version in those bangs and that dress = hideous. Did not deserve Andre (was that his name) or Pierre…hated her character :)

  4. The boob thing is a real issue for me. I have a large chest and small waist, making fitting anything on my torso a challenge all my life. That being the case my eye has the tendency to zero in on boobs in costume, to see how “they” did things.

    I have 2 big peeves. One is when they try to give cleavage to a woman with small to non-existent boobs. The poor woman usually looks like she’s holding her breath the whole time and it actually looks kind of cute yet sad, like a little girl putting apples in her dress to pretend she has boobies like Mommy.

    The other is whenever I see an ill-fitting or too tightly laced corset where the top slices across fleshy upper breasts, giving the quad-boob effect. Same when it’s an ill-fitting bra rather than a corset. My boobs hurt just looking at that and just want to reach into the screen and at least loosen the laces to alleviate the poor woman’s pain!

  5. These are all pretty terrible, for sure — here is another example to gawp at. I spent half of a Hallmark movie (… yes, I know… it was not my choice) going WHAT THE HELL IS SHE WEARING?


    To make it even worse, everyone in the show kept complimenting her on that ill-fitting monstrosity. There’s so much wrong with it, my brain had a hard time picking the main offender other than — it obviously wasn’t made for her. Or. Well, anyone.

    Regarding general fit — it can be a challenge for sure. I am greatly blessed with almost no top curves. When fitting a regency bodice to me, my seamstress friends and I had quite a time making it fit without it causing wrinkles in odd places, and I still wound up with the semi-inevitable “pregnant pooch” in the skirt. Ah well. Good enough for Regency teas.

    1. MY EYES!!! What movie is that? I need to snark it for real (also, we need the title so we can add it to our list for future Snark Week memes, heh). Yeah, I keep thinking the Hallmark / Lifetime movies could be a source of snarkable material, but just doing that xmas knight one was so bad ;)

      1. It’s called The Gourmet Detective, and it’s “modern” — but they went to a costume ball and… yeah. I think I annoyed my family by going WTF is that??? for like 10 minutes and ignoring half the plot.

        Hallmark is SOOO bad. So, so bad. They half-way tried with the first season of When Calls the Heart, but after that they just hit up Macy’s Department Store and online prom shops for the cheapest dresses they could find, and then glued sequins on them to make them Edwardian.

        If the awful acting wasn’t enough, the lazy costuming makes me avoid them like the plague — but my mom (stereo-typically?) forces me to watch a Hallmark thing once in awhile. :P

        1. Hallmark Christmas movies are a guilty pleasure for me, but I avoid When Calls the Heart like a plague. I saw one ad and noped out. That said, they did have one which my cheesy side enjoyed involving a WWII widow time traveling… It’s mostly set in the 2010s but I thought they actually did a pretty good job on the 40s looks. It was called something like Return to Christmas and had Candace Cameron Bure.

    2. Don’t get me started on When Calls the Heart. The first season was pretty okay with regard to costuming and hair, but the second season was hair freed from buns, women wearing very modern clothing, and I quit.

      1. Yeah, they “tried” with the first season, but after that just went — what the hell, quaffed hair and Macy’s dresses it is.

  6. I think it ate my comment because I included a link to another costume monstrosity that is ill-fitting. If you want a gander at it, image search “gourmet detective eat drink and be buried.” Trust me, it’s BAD.

    Costume fitting is certainly challenging. I have zero up top in a Regency corset, so when my friends and I made me a Regency gown, we had to wind up putting in discreet darts (and avoid them ending at the nipple mark) just to avoid me looking stupid. It didn’t help that all the modern Regency patterns are not made for going over corsets, either. And I still wound up with that “pregnant woman” pooch in the front but ah well. Good enough for the occasional outdoor tea. :P

  7. The unnecessary lacing on both Robin Hood costumes, but especially on Robin’s…I mean, that’s just what you want when you’re a fugitive from the crown and constantly on the run – risking your pants coming undone at the sides.

    On a side note, I learn so much from your posts, thank you!

  8. ‘ Maria Simonova, do me a favor; shoot my dressmaker.’

    Appropos of fitting: a biographer of George Washington after reading endless letters to factors in England about the fitting of fashionable clothes imported from the Mother Country, confessed to having a mental image of Colonial parties with everybody dressed up to the nines in clothes that don’t quite fit.

    1. That’s legit hilarious, and if a production actually wove that into the plot (fabric shortages maybe?) then I would be on board lol

      1. Ill fitting clothes could easily be a story or characterization point, but obviously that’s not the case in any of these examples.

  9. I’ve seen better fitting costumes in university theatre productions that were made by work study students with the tiniest of budgets so I don’t understand how this can go so badly with professionals

  10. I’d certainly like some of those “armscyes ARE hard” ones a lot better if they had, ya know, a chemise under the works.

  11. If I remember my useless info correctly, Helena Bonham Carter was pregnant when she did Henry VIII. Which could explain, but not excuse, the costumes…

  12. Thank you for confirming what I was beginning to suspect about Regency gowns re: the waistline is dependent on the bust size. I love the term lampshade hoops, I’ll be using that from now on. And a Rubinrot (2013) meme! I love those movies even if they are cheesy. The books are better. In English they’re called Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green.

  13. wasn’t expecting to see rubinrot on this blog! i read the books as a young teen but never saw the movie because i was afraid it would disappoint.
    i loved reading the descriptions of period clothing in the book tho! that definitely helped foster my interest in historical fashion

  14. Re: the second bust point fail (Maria Simonovna), I legit thought she was wearing a Baby Björn.

  15. I finally know what gaposis is! I’ve been following this blog for three hears, and i was embarassed that i never knew exactly what it meant.

    Also, why did someone feel the need to put Alicia Vikander (an already thin woman) into a dress two sizes too small?! Where did they even find such a thing?!

  16. The bust-point issue bothered me in a few costumes in Bridgerton, which I found totally bingeworthy otherwise.

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