9 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK RECAP: Maria Theresia (2017) Episode 4

  1. Thank you so much for going all the episodes! I makes me incredibly happy that you chose to do this one (IK there was the poll, but still), given that im from one of MT’s countries. So it’s good to feel backed up when it comes to all the costume atrocities

  2. That riding habit really is great! I kind of like the court dress (and I am down with the lace sleeves), but the stomacher bugs me—the beading is very modern bridal, I don’t like the sheen difference on the fabric, and it does look sewn in again to me. But a lot of the stomachers were better this ep again.

    MT and the religious stuff is kind of interesting, from what I read. Since she does seem to have been pretty devout, I have a hard time believing the affair stuff, but who knows.

    Looking forward to the full review!

  3. Really like MT’s military uniform except for the back buttons. It reminds me of Catherine the Great’s Life Guards one.

    Has MT had Marie Antoinette yet?

    1. Actually it’s not the buttons’ fault. They’re in the only places where they can do the job that back buttons on a coat historically did do – viz. help anchor the skirt pleats inserted at the side-panel/back panel joins. The problem is that those joins are way out of place, because the back panels are several inches too wide.

      The female habit coat, of course, is based on a man’s coat. A fundamental principle of the cut of the 18th-century-through-Napoleonic-era coat is that when you were tailoring it for a fat barsteward or a fat lady you didn’t widen the back panels – instead, you extended the side panels round to meet them. This meant that the back of the coat stayed snug to the back of the wearer, instead of blousing out between the shoulder-blades as is happening here,

  4. Is it me or is that short pannier an odd shape? Like it’s sideways? Mine have the curve on the outside rather than the top.

    I find it interesting that the costumes and hair are much better on what we would call a plus-size actress than a smaller woman. Maybe a new designer?

  5. Many thanks for your work.

    The officer uniforms in part 3+4 are looking so new and in most cases ill Fitting.
    I had to smile when I saw baron von Trenck with the empress !!! at his arm (while he is wearing not more then a short and a waistcoat)! What is going on there? The daughter of Charles VI. is so close to a man she hates?

    Is it possible, that I missed something in the timeline. Trenck never was a favourite to the queen and she refused to give him the rank of a Colonel, although his superiors asked her for that favour.
    In Episode 3 Madame de Pompadour is introduced, who became acquiainted with Louis XV in 1745, after Saxony switched the sides (they now were Austrian allies until winter 1745) and the Dauphin married the Saxon princess Maria Josepha. In 1745/46 Trenck even lost many of his supporters in high command.

  6. Needless to say there is no historical basis for the lover-illegitimate-pregnancy storyline.

  7. Wait what? Queen Marie-Therese of Austria having extra-matrimonial affairs?
    Yeah…..no. Even if it hadn’t been wildly out of character for an ultra-catholic, (and not to mention borderline-ascetic) woman like her, she would have been way too scared of both public backlash as well as ending up in HELL after her death to even think about doing anything close to that.

  8. MT deserved better than this thing, and I don’t think I’ll watch it.

    Unfortunately you are repeating one of the errors in this production:
    Maria Theresia was not the Queen of Hungary. She was King. Because she was that badass.

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