18 thoughts on “Buh-Bye Da Vinci’s Demons

  1. Yikes! Costume wise this reminds me of Young Blades (hilariously bad Canadian 3 Musketeers spin-off that only lasted one brief season), but at least that was campy, ridiculous fun. This doesn’t look at all fun…

    1. I really needed to be campier. See, I find Reign to be pretty darn campy & fun (Catherine de Medici chews the hell outta that scenery!), but Da Vinci, ugh, just ploddingly dull.

  2. “3. The two main women […] wear ridiculous dresses that would fit right in at a fantasy-steampunk ball or Society for Creative Anachronism event.”

    Um. I’m confused. Is there *really* somewhere in the world where these Magrat Garlick, acres-of-chiffon-with-fake-flowers-and-boobs type creations would be seen at an SCA event? o.O #DoNotGrok #ConfuzAndAppalled #iHeartLochac

    1. Pennsic? Isn’t that where ppl break out the elf ears & fairy wings ‘n crap? I don’t know, I live in the West Kingdom, where we alternate between exacting 16th-c. garb & saggy Viking tunics (also, as renfaire-first gal, I reserve the right to forever mock my SCA pals :) ).

      1. Actually, those are only worn at Pennsic during the Blue Feather’s Ball. Hell I’ve seen Link and TeleTubbies there. Mostly you see a crap ton of kilted men with no shirts, women in “bog dresses” ie caftans, Roman Tunicas, stolas, chitions, or choli tops and petticoats. Mostly anything that breaths in the heat and humidity. Btw, if you do evet get to war, my barony camps right behind the West Kingdom encampment. Just stroll over and say hello. We can share some wine and snark the garb.

  3. I agree about the costumes being atrocious. The SCA does better, and I’ve seen better at their events and at Ren faires. Furthermore, the show didn’t devote any time to Da Vinci’s alleged or actual homosexuality. He was brought before Florence’s judiciary. Got off bc of his Medici connections. Also one of the other charged had closer ties to the PTBs.

    Reign might be a tad better. They don’t pretend they’re accurate.

  4. I’m so confused by all her clothing. I assume the costumers make her clothing for her, correct? So why are her boobs falling out in one dress and strangled into submission in another? Was she not available for fittings before her scenes were shot? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. My husband likes “DaVinci’s Demons”. Pretty sure it’s for the boobs and sex. I try not to laugh at the costumes. Chemists anyone? Anyone?

  6. What is that blue outfit made of? Reads like cambric or crap denim on my cellphone. So much wrong in one outfit…

  7. That yellow fugly gown. Maybe they got drunk and looked at a picture of Belle’s yellow gown in Beauty and the Beast

  8. There were only two historically accurate things that I saw in all of these pictures; Giuliano’s pendant & the badge on Lorenzo’s cloak, because that’s the Medici coat of arms.

    Seriously, who signs off on this sh*t?!
    Was the story of LEONARDO DA FRICKIN’ VINCI in need of ‘spicing up’?
    If I want a fictional story with Leonardo, I’ll watch ‘Ever After’.
    I’m glad this steaming pile passed me by – I might one day watch it with friends, as a drinking game…

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