5 thoughts on “Review of the Annual FIDM Movie Costume Exhibit

  1. I too loved the Cinderella costumes. Crimson Peak clothes were really amazing. Brooklyn, Danish Girl & Carol were also favourites. I want the border skirt and sweater, too.

    I’m not a fan of the Fury Road Mad Max or Star Wars looks. But then, I love Renaissance, Georgian, Victorian, Russian Court,1920s, 1940s (Think Dior’s Bar Suit and Charles James). The 1950s are also nice – Chanel Black Trimmed Suits, the look of Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy.

  2. Aiiiieeee, that stripey suit was in Madding Crowd for a hot second, & it was SO GOOD. Her annoying boy-toy wore a striped jacket in the same scene, & I couldn’t for the life of me find a screencap at the time. Now that it’s on DVD & streaming, here’s the pix I wanted to show:


  3. In one of the many interviews JJ Abrams did for Force Awakens, he said he wanted Kylo’s mask to look like the front grill of a muscle car.

    And Mad Max’s mask really is a garden hand fork.

  4. I immensely enjoyed reading this post. It is such a wonderful summary of the high points of the exhibit, paired with insightful commentary. I really enjoyed Crimson Peak, but, not being a costumer, I hadn’t picked up on the different silhouettes used for Edith and Lucille. Genius! Many, many thanks.

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