5 thoughts on “Hedda Hopper’s Hats in Trumbo (2015)

  1. Clearly, Ms Hopper used Fashion to make her appear less powerful and threatening. I read somewhere that she and Louella were the most powerful women in Hollywood. They made, created and broke/destroyed careers.

    Regarding the hats, I’ve just added the movie to my library reserve list. Originally, I was going to give the movie a pass. But thanks to these amazing hats, I probably will love the film. It, the Hollywood Black List, is a favourite era of study. Not only does it involve people like Messieurs Trumbo and Tiompkin, both Hepburn, Tracey and Bacall and Bogart took a stand. Famous writers like Dashiel Hammett and Lillian Hellmann testified before the Committee.

    The hats are timeless. Several remind me of Claire’s in Outlander and others Duchess Kate’s fascinators.

  2. Hedda’s hats were legendary and great grist for the mills of the comedians of the day. I don’t think there was anyone on radio at the time who didn’t take a shot — but a careful one — at those hats. The ladies were known for their vindictiveness. Another film of that genre was “Sweet Smell of Success,” with Burt Lancaster as the columnist who could make of break with a well-placed item in his column.

  3. I think the striped suit is pretty close to a suit by Edith Head … I remember seeing it in a book on her, but I don’t remember what film it was for.

  4. I could well believe it of some designers. Next to Hedda, the wildest headgear in Hollywood was probably associated with Carmen Miranda, but those were all show pieces.
    Which raises the question: has anyone ever done a book or film on Lily Dache/?
    Inside joke: you’ve heard of the designer Caran Dache? “karandash” is the Russian word for “pencil.”

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