11 thoughts on “Outlander Costume Recap: Season 2, Episode 9

  1. I hope Sarah has a chance to eat Brunch at Brennans in New Orleans.

    But I still missed the shiny French clothes. But Highland Matchmakers Ltd almost made up for it. Wee Fergus is still soo cute. I imagine Wee Fergus growing into a handsome very tall person in Voyager. I really thought Murtagh, Dougal, Jamie would lead the raw recruits in a Band of Brothers Currahee hike up Ben Nevis. *she says tongue firmly planted in check*.

    I too expect that the young English Grey will grow into – TADA! Spoiler Lord John.

    I enjoyed the WWI Il flashbacks as Claire has yet to come to terms with her PTSD. I hope the scenes with BPC in Edinburgh will have shiny English clothes.

    And I leave you with the famous words of Miracle Max, ‘Have fun storming the castle, boys.’

  2. Could someone please tell me how spiral lacing ties/fastens? If you only have one lace, how does it stay fastened?

    Love love love all the woolens. Be still my heart…

    (P.S. You guys shouldn’t feel bad about skipping posts when your team is on their European vacay. I could not believe Sarah and Kendra were podcasting while in Paris! I resented having to sleep when I was in London. NO way I would have done work! In any case, your posts are appreciated, even more so when we know you are missing out on eating eclairs just to bring them to us!)

  3. Spot on again with your analysis – well, according to me! Lots of agreeing here. Jamie does need to take his shirt off at least once an episode. And Dougal too. I’m thinking it’s time to resurrect my sewing machine, get a pattern, and make me a highlander outfit for Halloween this year. Can’t wait to read your review of the plaid jacket that BPC is wearing in the promos for next episode. I love the Paris fashions, but there’s just something about a plaid that make my heart beat faster….

    1. I got really excited when I saw BPC’s jacket as well! I’m pretty sure that is a replica from a famous portrait I’ve seen somewhere…

      1. in the book ‘Dragonfly In Amber’ Claire says that BPC comes into a cottage to see the Fraser soldiers and he’s dressed in a jacket of the Cameron plaid. I’m guessing that’s the reason for the finery!

  4. I agree. But I believe the portrait is a Victorian homage. I believe the only existent portrait of HRH is the one Bendour Grovesnor found.

    1. There was no Clan Tartan registry or ruling before Queen Victoria and Sir Walter Scott. They wore what was woven locally. And why do you keep using the word “plaid” if it’s an American term and not specific to the Scottish weaves? The correct term is tartan.

      1. Actually, misat0, “plaid” is correct, not merely an American term (though it is used somewhat differently today than in the past). A “tartan” is the specific pattern, usually referring to the modern patterns we associate with specific clans; a “plaid” can refer either to the garment itself (be it a kilt, shawl, arisaid, etc.), or to the woven pattern.

        What you say about clan tartans is of course correct, they didn’t exist until the Victorian era, though prior to the Clearances, people in a certain area might all wear the same plaid style. Weavers would thread the loom a certain way with the colors available in the area, and unless you could afford to have them change it, you’d be stuck with what they had.

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