9 thoughts on “2016 Best Costume Oscars Recap

  1. I loved the costumes in The Danish Girl so I was sort of sad that it didn’t win. However, it did reinforce my belief that only waifish young men should ever wear 1920s dresses.

  2. I totally respect what Beaven did for Mad Max re: costumes telling a story, but I still don’t want to see it. However, I really want to see Carol bec. it looks like a gorgeous version of the 1950s (also, story is relevant to my interests!). And duh, Crimson Peak, me likey the goth pretties.

  3. I’m really glad that Mad Max won – it’s nice to see a truly original designs (by that I mean not period based) win for once, especially when they are as good as they were. Still, can’t wait to see Carol, there is a possibility that I will not survive all this prettiness. Also, I’m very happy for The Knick – fantastic series with gorgeous costumes, perfect cast and quite a lot of blood (so I wouldn’t really recommend it to everyone)
    Oh, it’s not a back lacing on the CP gown, it’s a decorative panel (there is period gown in one of the museums, from 1876 I think, with the same thing. Very dark blue one…)

  4. I wonder how they differentiate between fantasy and period. I feel like Penny Dreadful is closer to the former.

    1. Okay, not “closer” as it is obviously period but the show is pretty much a fantasy.

  5. I’m sorry I really think the costumes in Crimson Peak weren’t very good, they were cut badly, and some of the fabrics and trims were just wrong for the design, it lacked the finesse, it definitely had lots of potential but it wasn’t executed well.

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