18 thoughts on “MCM: Matthew Macfadyen (for real this time)

  1. The Way We Live now…he made a wonderful feckless poor young man of title and dissipation trying to woo the heiress (Shirley). The whole series is a delight with “Poiret” as the scheming millionaire and Paloma Baeza and Cillian Murphy as his sister and her new suitor. Love this one.

    1. thx wasnt aware of his many films so will check these out; the one I like best with him so far was Little Dorritt, he was the perfect hero in that, so I just cant imagine him as Darcy etc. I suppose if it got people to check out the Firth version, then fine. A movie may get the young’uns to explore further. Same w Persuasion, hopefully brings them to watch the BEST version, Ciaran Hinds/Amanda Root. Anyway, I can understamd he is not the traditional MC, a bit more reserved etc. but I will always love his Arthur! that’s in my top three series ever! PnP 95, Persuasion Ciaran, then Little Dorritt…just love the father dtr storyline etc. #Family

  2. I hadn’t heard of the Reckoning so I don’t know the time period, though he looks 15th century. Anyway, does anyone else see the extraordinary resemblance he has to Richard lll?!

  3. “The Reckoning,” is interesting. There’s some definite whatthefrockery with the some of the medieval costumes by Yvonne Blake, but the cast is terrific (Paul Bettany, Willem Dafoe, Tom Hardy, Brian Cox, Geena McKee, and of course Mr. McFadyen) and the murder mystery compelling.

  4. I have yet to find a Matthew MacFadyen film I don’t at least like him in, even when the rest of the film is “eh.” Probably my favorite is Little Dorrit, but Pillars of the Earth and The Way We Live Now are high up there. You’ve dug up a few I haven’t seen so they’re now on my list. And the trailer for Operation Mincemeat was good, and hey, Dueling Darcys!

  5. You left out The Pinkertons, where he plays the founder of the detective agency. I was always envious of his fabulous voice. Although he usually plays it straight, he can occasionally dish out the comedy.

  6. Love this guy. So interesting and watchable in everything. And yes… to echo other comments: THE WAY WE LIVE NOW is excellent.

  7. For those out there who haven’t watched The Last Kingdom, he only appears in the first episode, so not worth watching for him (but I personally liked the show, it was fun).

    I’m curious about The Reckoning (the comments here let me suppose that it’s my kind of movie). And I want to watch The Way We Live Now but never take the time for, I need to change that.

  8. I must say I actually quite enjoyed Robin Hood; all those great actors, plus the first time I saw Oscar Isaac in anything (bonus). Too bad it didn’t do particularly well at the box office.

  9. There are a bunch of intriguing shows mentioned in this that I’ve not heard of. I went looking for Enid and found a description that makes her sound like a monster. EEP. Not much of an MM fan myself, but body of work is impressive!

  10. I’ve seen Ripper Street. The pilot was entertaining, the rest of the show was a letdown afterwards.

  11. Operation Mincemeat, awesome book, brilliant adaptation, insane & frankly bonkers concept… (& the only reason I have time for Ian Fleming, the person.)

    (He plays a stuffy English know-it-all & is very good at it.)

  12. The Reckoning isn’t bad – fabulous cast – but I felt that it would have been a little hard to follow some of the conclusions that are reached in the investigation of the mystery, and who particular characters are (MM in particular, now that I think of it) if I hadn’t read the (pretty excellent) book first! The book is called Morality Play https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morality_Play_(novel)

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