6 thoughts on “The Outfit (2022)

  1. This is the most awesome movie! I saw it in an art house the weekend it came out and I want to see it again, if only for Mark Rylance wielding tailor’s chalk like a blade.

  2. Delighted that a wider public is at last beginning to discover and appreciate Mark Rylance. I have had the privilege of seeing him on stage twice when he was at the Globe.His Olivia in ‘Twelfth Night’ was a joy.

  3. I would watch Mark Rylance read the phone book, so I saw this movie as soon as it came out. I’ve never sewn menswear but I am familiar with a lot of the techniques, and boy didn’t my husband LOVE me constantly leaning over and whispering things like “now he’s doing the pad stitching.”

  4. As one who has sat at the infernal machine, I am always reminded of that great quote: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first teach to sew.” Will definitely see the movie;love watching the great suffer.

  5. Mmmmmm…
    I saw an ad on the TV for this and it looked interesting.

    I have to say that when I saw the ad, and again with these atmospheric shots from the film, I was like:
    “Turn some lights on! You’re working in the dark!” 🤪

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