9 thoughts on “Iconic Historical Movie Costumes of the 1940s

  1. Shout out to ‘Kind Hearts and Coronets’ (1949), wonderful black comedy set in Edwardian England and featuring Alec Guinness in eight different roles as members of the d’Ascoigne family!

    1. Oh, how I second your opinion–all those frilly, skin-tight frocks on Joan Greenwood! The guy and I watch it every year.

  2. I have a soft spot for Meet Me in St Louis but I liked the Forsyth Woman and the Heiress. Edith Head’s costumes helped with making the ab fab Olivia de Haviland look derpy. Walter Plunkett gave the feel and look of his period but I still dislike GWTW but what about the Court Jester. Pellet with the Poison et al.

    1. I love THE COURT JESTER, but it came out in 1956– a good one for the 1950s list, though.

      This is an AMAZING list of 1940s costumes– the only one I’m surprised didn’t make it in was Walter Plunkett’s costumes for Lana Turner and Donna Reed in GREEN DOLPHIN STREET (1947)– there’s even a great stripey dress for Lana Turner.

  3. Nice to begin and end the 1940s with some Tyrone Power 🥰. I do love Anna Karenina from 1948 too!

  4. Wow! What a list!! I don’t know Frock Flicks well enough to know what movie was made when, so I don’t have any suggestions to add off the top of my head. This list has the first pics of Angela Lansberry that I’ve ever seen where she looks young!

  5. The ones I remember seeing in theaters and being wowed, long before I knew much about costume: The Little Foxes, Caesar and Cleopatra, Forever Amber, The Heiress. And of course the white gown in Gaslight.

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