4 thoughts on “TBT: That Hamilton Woman (1941)

  1. I’m glad Sarah reviewed this movie bec. I watched it & was supremely irritated by Vivien Leigh’s scenery chewing! I like a good melodrama, but man, this just bugged me. Of course, I’m not a huge fan of hers; I like Olivier’s acting style bec. he seemed to balance the OTT with some subtly. But she was aaaallllll balls to the wall AhhhckTinG.

  2. Vivien Leigh is a favourite of mine. I remember watching the film as a child. I had read a children’s biography of Marie Antoinette and I wondered if Lady Hamilton’s BFF the Queen was Marie Antoinette’s sister. I figured she was.

    IMHO Ms Leigh was as good of an actor as Olivier, and in some cases better. But the Olivier image overshadowed her. Will have to watch film again.

  3. “Lady, if thee beseem a stile so low,
    In whose sweet looks such sacred beauty shine, —
    For never yet did Heaven such grace bestow
    On any daughter born of Adam’s line —
    Thy name let us, though far unworthy, know,
    Unfold thy will, and whence thou art in fine,
    Lest my audacious boldness learn too late
    What honors due become thy high estate.”

  4. this movie is amazing i have read that korda wanted to pair then again in Anna Karenina unfortunately Laurie was too busy with Hamlet otherwise i suppose that movie would have been a sucess (it’s artistically great and truly beautiful but was commercial failure) maybe you could review it sometime it’s a bit better for me than most versions even if not as astetically impressive as the 1997 one

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