3 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Merle Oberon

  1. My favourite role, Jane Seymour not withstanding, was Lady Blakeney followed by Josephine in Desiree. Have you read the bio/novel (not sure) by Michael Korda? It’s enjoyable.

  2. Check out the novel Queenie and the TV mini series from 1987. They were written by her nephew and is loosely based upon her life story as a mixed raced woman making it in Hollywood.

  3. I first remember encountering her after devouring everything I could find on Vivien Leigh, since she was married to Alexander Korda, Leigh’s agent. When I realized she was Marguerite in Scarlet Pimpernel I started researching her. What a life, what an amazing woman. Loved her as Anne Boleyn, Josephine, Cathy, George Sand, and of course Marguerite.

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